Love For Money?


Most of the time, we do not listen to the bits of advice of our parents which are towards adopting good habits. Even if we do listen, we definitely don’t follow. Similarly, when some elder would have asked you to wash your hands after touching the money, you must have laughed! Health experts have recently […]

Why you should stop eating Fried Food?


It’s true that the most famous delicacies are fried but it is also true that fried food have a number of health hazards. Not only they are high in calories but they also promote weight gain as they contain high levels of fats. Deep fried foods are one of the known cause of Type 2 […]

Get rid of back pain with these tips!


Spinal problem and back pain are frequently faced by people at their workplace. It is mainly because of lack of physical activity and poor sitting posture. It is very irritating to have these problems while working but there is some precautionary measure available choosing a right chair over bean bags and soft sofas because it […]