Harippa Story:

True Elements Harippa is a special range of snacks that includes natural food consumed by our forefathers spiced in modern flavours.

Harippa is the fusion of Harappa and Hadippa, symbolising one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, and a true emotion of “Fun”. This is exactly what we have attempted in this new range of  snacks – bringing together ingredients from the oldest civilization, but seasoned with modern taste – the perfect fusion of Ancient Bites and Modern Taste.


Story of packaging:

The pyramid shape of packaging represents ancient civilization. The colours selected are vibrant colours of the rainbow. We have picked up inspirations from various historical monuments like:

  • The Sanchi stupa from Buddhist Vihara conveying the product’s philosophy & ethics.
  • Human portraits inspired from Murals of Ajanta caves, Mughal illustrations and Vedic art to convey the research.
  • Caricature of Animals and Humans from Madhubani paintings & Cave art of Chauvet cave of France conveying the innovation.

About the products:

  • Harippa Watermelon Seeds Roasted, Tangy Oregano: Roasted with select herbs and tangy mango powder give a real feast to your taste buds.
  • Harippa Spicy Sunflower seeds Roasted: A real treat to the spice lovers.
  • Harippa Sunflower, Pumpkin & Flax seeds mix Roasted, Chilli Ginger: A zesty bite that hits just the right spot.
  • Harippa Flax and Watermelon Seeds Mix Roasted, Chilli Rosemary:  Infused with Babylonian-inspired herbs it  will surely gratify your hunger pangs.
  • Harippa Flax Seeds Roasted: Laced with revolutionary seasonings, these crunchy seeds will make you addicted.
  • Harippa Pumpkin Seeds Roasted, Cheesy Onion:  Seasoned with rich cheese and onion, if tastes once and get hooked forever.


~Food Bloggers' Review~



inverted-commas-sign-leftThe product idea came from one simple question, “Why are roasted seeds with seasoning not available?” The answer to this is the Harippa range of snacks which brings nutrient-bursting roasted seeds with interesting, earthy seasoningsinverted-commas-left.

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~Picker at Pace~

inverted-commas-sign-leftThe story behind the name Harippa is one major attraction, which says “Harippa is the fusion of Harappa and Hadippa, symbolising one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, and a true emotion of fun.” inverted-commas-left.

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~The Coveted Code~

inverted-commas-sign-leftHarippa brings back the food in the most natural form, just the way our forefathers consumed it, but with a modern flavour. Harippa range of snacks brings nutrient-bursting roasted seeds with interesting, earthy seasonings. inverted-commas-left.

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~Urban Alpha~

inverted-commas-sign-leftBut let’s be honest – seeds aren’t the most exciting things to pick up and eat, so I’ve been on the lookout for some interesting options. Fortunately, I recently received a package from True Elements, a year-old rapidly-growing… inverted-commas-left.

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inverted-commas-sign-leftThe seeds used in Harippa are hand-picked, roasted to perfection to add that slight crunch. They are then seasoned with Babylonian-inspired spices and herbs. These seasonings not only enhanced the taste but also added a special value to the product. inverted-commas-left.

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~The Hungry Duo~

inverted-commas-sign-leftIncorporating the healthy touch of nutrients, some chatpata seasoning with quality roasted and extremely nutritious and flavoured seeds, Harippa has come as a blissful pick to help you get rid of your “seedy” woes. Not only this, but also a lot of thought…inverted-commas-left

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inverted-commas-sign-leftI am trying Harippa for the first time & definitely I am not a fond of healthy food items. But these seeds are healthy & mouth watering at the same time. It has the desi spice’s taste which is delicious.The concept of Harippa symbolise fusion of ancient sustenance & ….inverted-commas-left

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~Tinkling Tea Cups~

inverted-commas-sign-leftThe oolong I bought was from True Elements. It was simply called oolong tea so I cannot name the exact variety but through some research I can only hypothesise that it is a Da Hong Pao because that Chinese oolong is known for its floral aroma and ….inverted-commas-left

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