Fun Snacking

Harippa Snacks

The concept of ‘Harippa’ symbolises fusion- of ancient sustenance and contemporary taste;health and fun. It brings back the food in the most natural form, just the way our forefathers consumed it, but with a modern flavour twist. The product idea came from one simple question, “Why are roasted seeds with seasoning not available?” The answer to this is the Harippa range of snacks which brings nutrient-bursting roasted seeds with interesting, earthy seasonings. Also, the biggest hurdle the common man faces is that ‘health’ foods come at an exorbitant price. This is why, Harippa range of snacks is available at a really affordable price, with offerings starting from just Rs. 99.

The seeds used in Harippa are hand-picked, roasted to perfection to add that slight crunch. They are then seasoned with Babylonian-inspired spices and herbs. Choicest seasonings like rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, cumin, etc. are used. These seasonings not only enhanced the taste but also added a special value to the product.

The next step was to present the product in an interesting package that would be appealing, but practical at the same time. The two shapes that were contemplated upon to be used in the packaging were a paper cone and an Egyptian pyramid-shape. The pyramid-shaped packaging (a triangular prism/ pentahedron) was approved by the team since it is handy, easy to use and can be used to store the product after it is opened. The colours selected for the packaging represent the vibrant colours of the rainbow, with hues of blue, green, orange and yellow used across different variants; signifying warmth and growth. The inspiration for the packaging design also came from the art crafts of ancient civilisations. The elements of the design on packaging are composed with this in mind. We have picked up inspirations from various historical monuments like:

  • The Sanchi stupa from Buddhist Vihara conveying the product’s philosophy & ethics.
  • Human portraits inspired from Murals of Ajanta caves, Mughal illustrations, and Vedic art to convey the research
  • Caricature of Animals and Humans from Madhubani paintings & Cave art of Chauvet cave of France conveying the innovation.

All of this summarises to tell a story of Ancient bites and Modern taste.