True Elements Raw Organic Honey 350gm

Raw honey is the pure, sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the nectar of flowers. Unlike processed commercial honey which loses its nutritional benefits when heated, most of the nutrients in the raw honey are maintained. Raw honey is unpasteurized, unheated and unadulterated. Since it is pure nectar from flower it has ingredients similar to that of fruit and a subtle zesty flavor.


The organic and unprocessed raw honey is an adequate source of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. It has a considerable amount of enzymes like amylase and disease-combating antioxidants. It has low glycemic index and is a source of energy. It contains various plant components like flavonoids. This honey has antiviral and antifungal properties. It has carbohydrates which get easily absorbed into the bloodstream and also natural glucose and fructose.

Benefits of raw organic honey:

  • Balance blood sugar levels: Though sweet in taste, this honey helps stabilize the blood sugar.
  • Weight Management: Though honey contains calories, having honey with lemon extract and lukewarm water early in the morning acts as an excellent tonic for weight loss.
  • Boosts immunity: It is proved that raw organic honey is a natural immunity enhancer. It is rich in a group of bacteria- bifidobacteria that boosts immunity.
  • Helps ward off allergies: Honey activates the immune system as is a complimentary medicine for various allergies.
  • Good for physical health: Raw honey is used by athletes since centuries. It has its reference even in Greek and Roman Mythology for accelerating health. It provides easily absorbed carbohydrates, glucose and fructose which prolongs the stamina and provides instant energy. It can be consumed before or during exercise as a sports drink.
  • Cures Anxiety Disorders: Honey also helps in curing anxiety disorder.
  • Helps reduce a cough and throat infection: A spoonful of honey is an age-old remedy for curing a sore throat. It also works as a cough suppressor.
  • Heals wounds: Raw honey reduces the time of healing and reduces infection in wounds.
  • Skin care: Honey is extremely beneficial for your skin. It nourishes your skin and beautifies it.
  • Aids in the prevention of cancer: Honey contains various flavonoids that target the harmful cells in our body and have an inhibitory effect, which prevents the growth of cancer cells in our body.
  • Help reduce gastrointestinal disorders: Natural honey is beneficial for both upper gut and intestinal tract. It provides various probiotics that increase the number of virtuous bacteria in the gut, thus stimulating the essential bacterial activity.
  • Maintains healthy liver: Honey helps in flushing out toxins from the liver.

How to use:

Raw Honey can be consumed as a spread on your bread. It can replace sugar in coffee, milk or smoothie. It can be consumed as a health drink in itself. One of the ideal ways to consume raw honey for weight loss is consuming it with warm water and lemon extract early in the morning. It can be used as a moisturizing mask, acne treatment or scalp treatment.

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