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5 Snacks To Take On A Road Trip

  • 5 Snacks To Take On A Road Trip

When we hear about a road trip what's the first thing that strikes our mind “ Dil Chahta hai”, one of the most iconic Bollywood movies and ofcourse snacks to eat on road trips. A plan with friends and maybe family too. But at the same time, we face many problems like motion sickness, nausea & vomiting which occurs due to movement of the vehicle, pollution & overeating. The movement of the vehicle causes some action in the stomach which kickbacks what they ate.

So, here are some healthy snacks on a road trip that will become that star of the show!

  1. Fruits - we can have either whole or cut fruits on the go- which is light on the belly and will have no harm while traveling. To avoid browning of cut fruits, lime juice glaze or sugar syrup glaze will help retain its freshness- especially on fruits like apples. Fruits are full of nutrients that help you feel full in your stomach and can be the perfect companion for a long journey.
  2. Healthy Chatpata Snacks - while on the go one can have flakes and puff mixture which are very light on the tummy while also easy to digest and contains essential vitamins and nutrients. Chatpati Protein Muesli - is the best item while traveling- It is absolutely healthy while giving you that chatpata flavour your Indian heart desires. It is also a perfect companion for tea! One of the best snacks to take on a roadtrip!
  3. Roasted Seeds - Roasted seeds are full of protein, fiber, and magnesium. They can be in multiple flavors, are very feasible to carry, and easy to eat while on a road trip. Roasted 7 in 1 Super Seeds Nut Mix contains seven different seeds like pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, flax, and many more. It's handy, easy, mild and simple.
  4. Chikki Bars or Protein Bars - These bars are good for the heart and contain a very good amount of protein in them. It helps control your hunger especially if you don't want to overeat while on a road trip. Protein Crunchy Minis contain a sufficient amount of protein, give an instant energy boost and can be an alternative for mid-day hunger while on go.
  5. Roasted Chickpeas and Other Nuts - As we Travel we tend to get fatigued- nuts contain a high amount of protein which our body needs during this time, Crunchy Seeds, Nuts can be a good option. It satisfies that munching craving while all the more being healthy! Although avoid eating too much nuts since they can eventually cause gas issues if it has been consumed in excess

While packing your bags for your road trip, don't forget to put in a flashlight, sanitisers, tissues, some blankets, a pen drive with some scary stories to hear and these snacks! It can be a lifesaver, yes, the flashlight too! Remember to stay safe, drive safe and have a wonderful road trip!

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