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5 Best Low-Calorie Breakfast Option to keep you full

  • 5 Best Low-Calorie Breakfast Option to keep you full

Everyone likes to look fit and have a simple low-calorie breakfast to avoid laziness and unhealthy fats. A low-calorie breakfast not only helps you to stay fit but also helps to energize your body. It makes you feel light, thus making you confident about yourself. You can enjoy the mornings with some of the recipes written below.

  1. Oats Idli: Oats idlis are one of the best breakfast options if you are on a diet and looking for low calories. They are full of proteins, with oats as an alternative, they become more nutritious and full of fibre. The fibre content in oats keeps your stomach full for a long duration, thus avoiding unnecessary binge-eating. So many people use oats instead of regular Rava idli batter. The idlis can be served hot with coconut chutney for breakfast.
  2. Millet Upma: Upma is a popular Indian breakfast when you want to eat something simple for your gut to digest. Being made of semolina, it is healthy but glutinous. So a better alternative is having millet upma. Millet Upma is high in fibre and protein with fewer calories which makes it an ideal breakfast. Millets are naturally gluten-free which makes them beneficial for people having celiac disease. You can add vegetables and spices to give it a better taste.
  3. Green Pea Paratha: We love parathas and generally drool over Aloo parathas. But keeping our health in mind and the calorie intake, it’s a “no-no” by our dieticians. So to satisfy your paratha cravings, another alternative is green peas paratha. Green peas or “mattar” paratha is low in calories and tasty. It is a quick fibre breakfast with high satisfaction.
  4. Masala Oats Kanda Poha: Poha is a breakfast dish that is quite famous in India. It consists of puffed rice which is considered a bit heavy for breakfast. So another alternative for puffed rice is oats. Oats are high in fibre with low calories, which is beneficial for weight management. Masala Kanda Poha Oats have a similar taste to poha but has the benefits of oats.
  5. Blueberry Avocado Smoothie: This smoothie is easy to make with very few calories and abundant nutrients. All you need is avocado- which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, blueberries-which is rich in antioxidants and almond milk for your protein requirement. Add all this and have a satiating breakfast without worrying much about your health.

All the recipes are 100% nutritious with many positive outcomes for your health. Taking them in routine can work well for your weight management journey. Do share if you like the recipes.

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