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8 Reasons why Natural Foods help you to Reduce Weight

  • 8 Reasons why Natural Foods help you to Reduce Weight

If you are wondering how to naturally reduce weight gain, you are at the right place! We will tell you about the best diets for weight loss. 

Before deep-diving into why natural foods for managing weight are better, let us understand what natural food is. Natural food or real food generally means single-ingredient food which lacks chemicals and is unprocessed. It can be consumed directly, like apples, berries, bananas, chia seeds, tomatoes, carrots etc. Most of the fruits, seeds and vegetables can be consumed raw. But how does natural food reduce weight at home? Here are some reasons:

  • These foods are nutritious and healthy at the same time: As the food is raw, i.e. unprocessed, they have many nutrients, which makes them healthy and nutritious at the same time. When you look to reduce weight, you always prefer food which gives you the most nutrients, so this natural food helps you to achieve that.
  • Packed with proteins: As the food is raw, it naturally has a lot of protein. Proteins are helpful for people looking to lose weight. It helps to boost metabolism and stimulate the production of hormones which helps to reduce weight. These proteins also provide energy so you can work throughout the day without losing stamina. Natural sources of protein include seeds like raw pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds etc.
  • Does not have refined sugar: Refined sugar has high calories that are often considered unhealthy. Due to which it’s not beneficial for people to lose weight, something which your fitness expert might have told you to avoid.
  • High on soluble fibre: Soluble fibre is essential as it helps to reduce the appetite. It forms a thick layer around the gut, which reduces your hunger and slows down the motion of food. Processed food has less soluble fibre that is less favourable to help in weight loss. Some prominent foods that are rich in fibre are chia seeds, oranges etc.
  • No artificial trans-fat: As it’s natural, it has no added trans-fat. Adding artificial trans fat was introduced to increase the shelf life of the products. However, this method is not considered healthy as eating trans-fat based food can make you fat. So it’s often a “no-no” if you are looking for weight loss.
  • Helps you to eat slowly: Eating slowly and chewing well, the food before eating is healthy for weight loss. It gives the required energy when you eat slowly. Natural foods have more fibre, which makes them chewier (as they aren’t processed). Also, the more you chew your food, the more satisfaction you get. Which eventually keeps you full for a long time.
  • Reduce sugar cravings: When we crave sweets, we indulge in chocolates or sweets or something sugary, which is not valuable for the diet. So eating natural foods like berries like blueberries and fruits like apples, bananas e.t.c, can help you control your cravings for sugar. It’s much healthier and nutritious than other sugar items.
  • Eat more and still lose weight: The perception that the more you eat, the more fat you become- can be proved wrong when you eat natural food. Natural food is rich in fibre and less in calories, helping you lose weight while eating more. It is because raw food contains more air and water. For example, you can eat more raw seeds in one go than eating one burger and still being unsatisfied.

However, the foods you choose for your diet, try to incorporate natural or raw food that you can eat. Eating natural food is beneficial for weight loss but has many other benefits like good for heart health, skin enhancement etc. Do consider consulting your health expert about the proportions that can help you reduce your weight before you start eating natural food.

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