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A Healthy Pancake Mix!

  • A Healthy Pancake Mix!

Pancakes have gained so much popularity these days due to their yummy taste, ease in making them and the rich experience.

In earlier days, it took much longer to cook pancakes than it does now. Today we have many pancake mixes available for our ease, and we get to experience this delicious and soothing breakfast every Sunday morning.

But did you know that these pancakes are made up of baking soda, baking powder, all-purpose flour, and sugar that are not healthy for you if you are trying to manage your weight, improve digestion or planning to cut down some sugar?

Do these problems make you avoid eating Pancakes? We got a rescue for you!

We bring you a healthy version of Pancake mix which not only is healthy but even takes care of your sweet cravings. Instead of having added sugar, we have jaggery in its natural form to make your pancakes sweeter. We have Freeze Dried Curd -which is a natural fermenting agent, instead of Baking Soda and Powder. But most importantly, the flour which is used is made up of Fibre-rich Oats and Jowar that makes it a healthy base.

How can it be healthy for you?

Due to the absence of Baking soda and Baking powder, you won't face bloating issues and digestive problems. Because no sugar is added, it can be a good option if you are looking for a sugar-free breakfast. Due to fibre rich Oats and protein-loaded Jowar flour, your weight management will become easy and even give you an energy boost to start your day.

You can even use this Pancake mix in different ways and give it a #true twist.

  1. Your regular pancakes with berries, jam and honey
  2. Pancake Appam
  3. Pancake Wrap
  4. Waffles
  5. Mix mug cake

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