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A small glimpse of the things we are doing to save the Earth

  • A small glimpse of the things we are doing to save the Earth

We believe in respecting nature and doing our bit, and not just limited to sourcing. You can return the packaging which we convert to Fuel & give it to Rural Women for cooking. You can even order this food without Plastic from us!

It starts at the farms, from where we source "ethically" - keeping the interests of farmers as well as the environment.

Our factory is an NPOP certified facility and we don't use any chemicals during any of the manufacturing processes or in the maintenance of the factory. We also use bio-diesel for our generators, in our endeavor to be completely fossil neutral.

We believe in Recycling and Reusability in the purest sense. If you wish to buy our products with ZERO plastic, you could exercise that option. We will send our products in Corn starch pouches, packed in a recycled cardboard box, sealed with paper tape.

We take many small, easy ways to contribute towards saving the planet. One such step we inculcate in our productions is the usage of boxes for packing our Honey bottles. Rather than using thermocol boxes, we opt for using carton boxes of higher thickness made from recycled paper, thus saving the earth from the burden of plastic. The containers used for our range of Muesli are purely made of recycled cardboard box, which is 100% biodegradable. Saving the earth from 5 tons of plastic being dumped by using recyclable metalized polyester packaging is what we truly believe in, thereby showing our love towards the nature.

In case you have plastic pouches from us or any other brand from similar products like ours, you could send that to us. We will manage the logistics and will convert that plastic to cooking fuel, which we give to rural women for household purposes. You can earn TE cash in return for the pouches! and by the way, we also take our competition's pouches in return :)

We convert the Agri waste and the product expiries to manure and give it to our farmers for revitalizing the land.

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