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Adnan Sami's Weight Loss Journey

  • Adnan Sami's Weight Loss Journey

If you have been binging unhealthy food and been obese or overweight you would know the weight loss journey is difficult. You can imagine how it would have been for Adnan Sami to go from a whopping 230 kgs to a healthy 73 kgs.  His journey started with a diet mostly portion control and eventually, he started exercising to reach his healthy weight.

Adnan Sami’s wakeup call:
You know in every person’s life there comes one time when they realize they need to switch their lifestyle for a healthy future. At Least once even you must have thought of having a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, wholesome food and peaceful sleep. For Sami, the wakeup call was when he was bed ridden and had very less time on his hand to recover and have a safe future. Adnan Sami had to go through a surgery due to the lymphedema surgery. This was when due to his excess weight he suffered from sleep apnea. When he slept, his excessive fat would put a load of pressure on his lungs. His doctors told him to lose weight otherwise he will not survive for more than six months. Sami decided to start his transformation journey with one last unhealthy meal inclusive of a mashed potato, cheesecake and a lot of butter.

The beginning of the transformation:
If Adnan started his exercise, because of his obesity, it would put a lot of pressure on his body. This is when his nutritionist instructed him to lose a few kgs with only diet. He had to give up on white rice, bread and all kinds of junk food. He was told to only eat high protein foods like fish, boiled dal, vegetables salad with a teaspoon of fat-free dressing. He could every once in a while indulge in diet fudge and sugar free drinks and diet ice lollies. Prashant Sawant, Adnan’s trainer from Mumbai, allowed Sami to start exercising after a great loss of 40 kgs. Adnan started small exercises like walking a short distance as he still was not in the right stage to start running. He was still obese and heavy to start advanced exercises. After a considerable amount of weight loss, Prashant started increasing the time of exercises and even the intensity of exercises. Adnan started running on treadmill and started a combination of cardio plus weight training. He added, as time passed by he got used to the exercises and it got slightly easier.

Months later he lost a great deal of weight and could sleep longer and move freely. When people rumored about a liposuction he said "liposuction is for smaller amounts of weight, for a 230 kg weight loss I would need a vacuum cleaner"

Adnan has a healthy weight of 73 kgs now. He is living a healthy life motivating all of us on the path of weight loss.

This journey was inspiring and a unique one with all the ups and downs but Adnan has proved to us that healthy food and exercise can do wonders to you.

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