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2X^ More Protein. High Fiber

No Added Sugar Muesli - Diabetic Food

  • Price: Rs.289
    M.R.P.: Rs.295
  • No added sugar muesli is rich source of Minerals.
  • Zero Cholesterol & Zero Transfat.
  • No Added Sugar.
  • Packed with Nutrients.
  • Consists of Real Whole Fruits.
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Boost your Immunity with a wholesome bowl of No Added Sugar Muesli that's blended with natural rolled oats, jowar flakes, wheat flakes, dried fruits, seeds and nuts. 

It is simple, raw muesli with real and natural superfood ingredients without sugar, preservatives or artificial colour or flavours, specially crafted for health-conscious people. It consists of freeze-dried figs in it. The fruits are dried using a new dehydration technology wherein they are exposed in cold temperature below 0 degree Celsius for freezing followed by immediate dehydration. It does not contain any refined sugar, the sugar content present is only fruit sugar

Standard serving size: 30g


Whole Wheat Flakes, Whole Jowar Flakes, Rolled Oats, Almonds, Dry Figs, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Natural Soy Lecithin.

No artificial colour, flavours and preservatives.

How can No Added Sugar Muesli benefit your health?

Reduce the risk of heart diseases:

It contains zero cholesterol and trans fat hence is healthy for the heart. The dietary fibre present in this helps in lowering the cholesterol and hence keep the risk of heart attacks, strokes, etc at bay. Also, it can be highly recommended to diabetics who are on a strict no-sugar diet, since it has no sugar. It is a great breakfast food for the diabetics who are often scared of sugar spikes. Also, since it consists of real whole fruits, it can be quite delicious to add to your diet. 

Aids in weight loss:

Being a rich source of dietary fibre, it promotes satiety and reduces hunger pangs, thus helping in weight loss. It also helps in problems associated to constipation and indigestion since it add bulks to the stools, thus proving beneficial for strengthening the digestive system.

Anti-ageing food:

Antioxidants can protect the skin from free radical damage. Antioxidants prevent the foreign particles from entering into the body and sticking to the cells of the body, which damages the skin tissues and hampers the skin health. They can even help in the proper functioning of the brain cells, thus reducing stress.

How to use:

  • No Added Sugar Muesli can be served as a breakfast or a whole meal with hot/cold milk or yoghurt.
  • It can also be served with ice creams or can be added to your cakes and smoothies.
  • Can be consumed directly as a crunchy snack.

Storage Information:

  • Store in an airtight container to avoid moisture contamination. Keep away from direct sunlight. Best consumed within 30 days of opening.

Allergen Information:

  • Contains Almonds, Gluten and Soy. Packed in a facility that also handles Tree Nuts
Product Features
Health Benefits Good Choice for Diabetics, Lowers Cholesterol
Good Source Of Soluble Fibre, Magnesium
Shelf Life 9 Months
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