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Are Oats a Complete Protein Food?

  • Are Oats a Complete Protein Food?

Oats are considered one of the healthiest grains available for us on this planet. Did you also know that they are naturally gluten-free too?

Along with being a rich source of fiber, it is also rich in magnesium and essential vital micronutrients. It is a perfect bowl when topped with fruits, nuts & seeds!

Now the question arises - are Oats a complete protein food?

Oats have about 10-18gm of Protein per 100gms depending upon the level of processing. Oats are made up of plant-based protein which contributes to muscle gain. A rarely known fact is: Oats contain the most protein than any other grains available. So there is no doubt about the high levels of Oats nutrition!

Oats or Oatmeal are good sources for other essentials like iron and vitamin B3. One cup of uncooked oatmeal has 3.4 mg of iron and 0.9 mg of vitamin B3. First Iron helps to transport oxygen into your bloodstream and then vitamin B helps to convert carbohydrates into energy to properly utilize the protein.

Due to being a protein-packed food, daily Consumption of Oats can be heavily beneficial in the following ways:

1. Muscle Building: If you talk about the key elements of building muscles it's nothing but protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Oats are a good combination of protein, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids which together help in building muscles and take your gym game up! If you are having Oats after a workout then it surely will be beneficial for you and your muscles.

2.Weight Management: Due to being abundant in protein and fibre, Oats consumption can be extremely useful if you are looking to manage your weight. This is due to the presence of dietary fibre which makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

3. Repair and Energize: Oats are an instant source of energy whether you consume in any form - steel-cut, rolled, instant, or even oatmeal! The abundance of protein will help you in repairing your muscle tissues which tear when you workout.

Oats are a good source of protein but you can even lift up your intake by having it in different ways and styles to make it even richer. Instead of warming the oats in water, have it with milk and top it with some Almonds or some Peanut butter. You can even have it along with some protein-rich fruits or seeds like Chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, or a mixture of all! You can view some of the protein-rich Oats recipes which we have in store for you here.

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