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Arjun Kapoor's Weight Loss Diet Plan

  • Arjun Kapoor's Weight Loss Diet Plan

Famous bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is known for his ever inspiring weight loss story. He is a fitness inspo to many youngsters and Salman Khan is his. He shed a total of 50kgs of weight when he made his debut in Bollywood and since then he has been following a strict fitness regime which is reflected in his six-pack abs body and fitness. Although, Arjun Kapoor once stated in an interview that “You don’t need to have abs to be healthy. You need to lead a balanced life which then leads to a healthier and longer life”. This belief of his is what motivated others to opt for natural and healthy ways to reduce weight. Arjun was almost 140kgs before he started his regime but what led him to lose weight was his balanced lifestyle. He stressed on the fact that just having abs is not being fit, health is equally important.

Let us have an overview of his healthy and balanced diet which he followed along with his regular exercises.


For breakfast he preferred having egg yolk which is a good source of iron and vitamins. Along with that he had 4-6 egg whites which are abundant in calcium, protein, magnesium and zinc. He preferred having his eggs with toast. This power packed combination offers energy to sustain many hours of the day and help you get the most out of the least. Also, breakfasts like eggs and toast are pretty convenient for busy routines as they are quick to prepare and eat.


For lunch, he preferred having Bajra roti or wheat flour chapatis with some vegetables, dal and sometimes chicken. If you notice, all these are sources of protein, vitamins and all the essential nutrients which you need to have a balanced diet. They aren’t fatty and are quick in giving energy so you avoid overeating and tend to consume less calories.

3.Post workout:

After workout, every fitness freak tends to have protein shake which helps in quickly healing the little tears in muscles, if any. This process makes the muscles stronger and offers a long term benefit.

4.Evening Snacks:

Arjun had fresh fruits for his evening snacks like Strawberries, pineapples and apples which are low calorie yet beneficial fruits. They help monitoring the blood pressure, act as an antioxidant agent they are fat-free and cholesterol-free options to have.


For dinner, he preferred having Quinoa. It is extremely high in protein, fibre, minerals and nutrients. It improves your digestive system and improves your metabolism which results in weight loss.

Except the diet he is also into Yoga, basketball, skipping, cardio exercises, crossfit, pull ups etc. So, you can see how he is balancing his diet and also involved in light, refreshing and rigorous workout regimes.

Learnings: Balanced diet is equally important and so is a balanced life. Just focusing on losing weight is not enough. You should focus on eating and leading a healthy life for most benefits.

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