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Vitamin B - Your Secret to Good Skin Health

  • Vitamin B - Your Secret to Good Skin Health

If you think only skin care products are going to enhance your skin health, it’s time we take you down to the memory lane, a time where there were no skin care products, and people only used to depend on their diet, the food they ate to keep a check on their skin health.

When it comes to skin and hair, especially in your teenage, it becomes a nightmare to maintain both at once. So how about we say, you can naturally nurture your skin and take good care of, just by maintaining a healthy, easy-to-implement diet in your daily routine.

The most essential nutrients required for skin care are antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamin B isn’t just any normal vitamin, but it comprises 8 different types. Vitamin B complexes are water soluble vitamins, one which can be stored in your body and can benefit your skin.

To reap all the benefits of skin, following are the types of vitamin, the skin advantages they provide and the foods from which you can get that particular vitamin from:

Vitamin B1:

Vitamin B1, known as Thiamin, is the “anti-stress” vitamin which helps in the nervous functioning of the body. Vitamin B1 deficiency is said to cause hypersensitivity to the skin, which makes the skin more susceptible to external climate changes damaging its quality and causing acne, redness, itching, etc. Hence, to avoid such problems, include foods like Green Peas, Sesame Seeds and Spinach in your regular diet.

Vitamin B2:

Vitamin B2, known as Riboflavin, is the glowing skin vitamin required for your body. It helps in preventing dry skin and acne breakouts, thus nourishing and providing glow to your skin. Foods like Mushrooms, Almonds, Spinach are great sources of Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3:

Vitamin B3, known as Niacin, is one of the best vitamins for your skin. It is useful in treating skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, hyper pigmentation, etc. So, to maintain a healthy skin, it is advisory to include foods like Green Peas, Mushrooms and Oatmeal in your diet.

Vitamin B5:

Vitamin B5, known as Pantothenic Acid can be your skin’s new best friend. From treating dull and dry skin to protecting your skin from inflammation and redness, this vitamin is essential for strengthening the skin barrier which makes it acne prone. Foods like Avocados, Mushrooms and Tomatoes can be highly effective.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6, known as Pyridoxine, is beneficial in production of red blood cells, protein metabolism, which further helps in growth and repair of skin cells. It also regulates several hormones which can prevent acne and keep you skin acne-free, during menstruation. Foods such as Sunflower Seeds, Bananas and Cranberries are highly beneficial for this.

Vitamin B7:

Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin is useful for revitalization of skin and also helpful in combating free radicals on the skin, thus preventing early ageing. Foods which can contribute in preventing ageing are Walnuts, Almonds and Oatmeal.

Vitamin B9:

Vitamin B9, known as Folic Acid, is responsible for cell production and tissue growth, which in turn helps in healthy, radiant skin. It also helps in detoxification of the body which prevents acne breakouts. To maintain a healthy skin with Vitamin B9, include foods like Spinach, Lentils in your regular diet.

Vitamin B12:

The last vitamin called Vitamin B12, known as Cobalamin is helpful in producing skin pigments which further prevents dark spots, and helps promote growth of healthy skin cells. It also repairs the damaged skin cells. For vegetarians and vegans it is difficult to implements fish, eggs, etc in their diet. Hence, they can opt for Vitamin B12 supplements. Other sources of vitamin B12 are Cheese, eggs, shellfish, cod liver oil, etc.

If you want to achieve a clear, even complexion, you need to ensure that you’re including Vitamin B-rich foods in your diet every single day.

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