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Baked Granola Parfait

30 Oct 2020


A refreshing, cool jar of Granola Parfait is always a good idea for your dessert cravings, especially when you crave for rich, creamy desserts like icecreams. Due to the high sugar content in icecream, it becomes difficult to cope up with your healthy diet. Hence, how about you give a slight healthy, crunchy and extremely delicious twist with Granola Parfait? Try this simple 3-step recipe and satisfy your dessert cravings right away!


1 cup True Elements Baked Granola
Handful of Pomegranates
3-4 Banana coins
1 spoon Extra Honey or yogurt if desired

Directions (For qty, refer to the ingredients section)

  1. Place pomegranates in shot glasses.
  2. Add in granola.
  3. Top with banana coins and pomegranates.
  4. You can add yogurt or simply enjoy as crunchy fruity twist.
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