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Beat the Summer Heat with these Summer Coolants!

  • Beat the Summer Heat with these Summer Coolants!

With the heat waves coming in, make sure you are hydrated enough and your mind & body are taken care of!

This summer, have food items that are cool for your body. These Summer Recipes will not only make your body cool but will also soothe your mind and instantly energize you within minutes!

1) Cloudy Lemonade Recipe

Nothing is greater than the homemade lemon drink! This refreshment drink soothes your mind and body and energises you even in one sip.

    Here's how you can make a big jar of cloudy lemonade for your entire day.
  • Peel off 5-6 lemons, juice it and put it in a large jar.
  • Add 200g sugar and pour over 1.2 litres hot water and stir.
  • Cover, leave to cool and then refrigerate.
  • Serve Lemonade in tall glasses with ice cubes and a slice of lime on top!

2) Tomato Salsa!

    Jazz up your mood and tastebuds with this amazing tomato salad. In a bowl, combine 4-5 ripe and chopped tomatoes, with 1 chopped green chilli, add 1 finely chopped onion and fresh chopped coriander according to preference. Mix it and add a dash of lime & black pepper.
  • Drizzle Oregano & jazz it up!
  • Voila, amazing Tomato salsa is ready!

3) Melon Magic

    This hydrating melon salad is too easy to make, it will chill you out and help you beat the scorching summer.
  • Take 2 cups of chopped watermelon in a bowl (chilled), add finely chopped mint leaves in it.
  • Combine chopped cucumber and olives and mix.
  • Drizzle some salt and voila! Your refreshment is ready!

4) Yogurt & Muesli Delight

    Yoghurt Delight feels like a thick heavy ice cream, with a layery twist!
  • Take finely cut fruits like apple, banana, berries in a jar.
  • Add a layer of yoghurt, then add Pre-soaked rolled oats as a third layer, then add another layer of yoghurt, for the fifth layer - add nuts and muesli of your choice to make it crunchy, add final layer of yoghurt and drizzle some nuts or almonds on top.
  • Serve chilled.

5) Blueberry ice cream

    Nothing can beat traditional homemade ice creams. Use dried blueberries for the ultimate recipe.
  • Take 1 cup of blueberries and keep it in water for 1hour.
  • Put the blueberries into a blender and blend it. (Add 2 spoonfuls of milk if the puree is too hard to blend).
  • Add 2 spoons of peanut butter into the blueberry puree and let it freeze for 2-3 hours.
  • Serve it chilled by garnishing dried blueberries on it.

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