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Beauty Benefits of Oats you did not know!

  • Beauty Benefits of Oats you did not know!

Oats or oatmeal as you wish to say, has been considered as one of the most important food items for the people who swear on living a healthy lifestyle. Be it in a sweeter version or with some indian spicy tadka, Oats can be consumed in all possible ways. The nutrition qualities present in oats helps off in warding off several diseases like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc.

But apart from just directly consuming it, did you even know that this superfood can also be beneficial for the skin, when used in both internal and external ways? Yes, you heard it right? Not just eating it, but also using it in the form of facepacks, Oats are considered to nurture your skin as much as it nurtures the overall health of your body.

Below listed are some of the beauty benefits of Oats you need to know:


Because of the presence of antioxidants in oats, they bind to act as natural cleansing agents. It also consists of Zinc which is known for possessing anti-inflammatory properties in them. To get the best out of Oats to treat your acne, all you need to do is boil half a cup of oats in water and let it cool down. Stir the mixture of oats and water to form a paste. Apply this paste on your face and rinse it off with cold water after 20 mins.

Dry Skin:

Oats help in exfoliating the skin. All you need to do is add uncooked oats and baking soda to your bathing water. This will help in soaking up the antioxidants and thus avoid you from getting a dry skin.

Ease down itching:

You often experience itching and irritation because of the increase in the pH levels. Oats help in normalising the pH levels thereby reducing the itching. Just mix Oats and talcum powder with some water to form a paste. Apply the paste on the infected area and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. You can also rinse it with milk for additional benefits.

While beauty products are easily available, make sure you do read the content of the chemicals they use and the skin-specific allergies you have. But in the end, one of the best ways to pamper your skin is by applying these natural ingredients and let it shine naturally.

Before applying any of these techniques, make sure you also take your doctor’s or nutritionist’s advice in case of any precautions to be taken.

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