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Benefits of Chia Seeds for Skin

  • Benefits of Chia Seeds for Skin

Self care has always been a luxurious affair for most of us where we go and buy costly products just to keep our skin flawless. What we tend to miss is the fact that the original skin texture and health comes from what we eat. If you follow an unhealthy eating habit, your skin will definitely react to it. However if you eat what is good for your skin, it will surely thank you in its own way!

There are many organic ways to take care of your skin. But Chia seeds are known to be the most effective. Here we explain how Chia seeds are your skin’s best friend.

  1. Moisturiser: Having 1 tsp of Chia seeds daily are more than sufficient for it to work wonders. Chia seeds are known for its anti inflammatory properties which help your skin in being moisturised.
  2. Bye-bye acne: Chia seeds have Omega3 fatty acids in a high content which act as antioxidants for your skin. They help prevent acne if you have an acne prone skin and keeps all the redness away.
  3. Anti-ageing: If you have chia seeds on a daily basis, glow will be persistent on your skin. Due to the antioxidant properties, acne is away and glow is in. You will give yourself a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin with just 1tsp of Chia seeds.
  4. Good sleep equals good skin: If your sleep pattern is irregular, it shows on your facial skin. One might develop dark circles or even acne due to irregular sleeping patterns. Chia seeds have Tryptophan which are sleep inducing agents. Consuming them daily will fix your sleeping pattern and lead to a healthy skin.
  5. Face Mask: Why buy a face mask when you can make yourself one! Just mix 2 tsp of chia seeds with half spoon of coconut oil and some lemon juice. For about 10-12minutes let this mask be on and then wash it off with warm water. This will cleanse your skin and remove all the dead skin cells and oil.

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