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Benefits of Superfoods – Seeds

  • Benefits of Superfoods – Seeds

Not all seeds are destined for the ground, and some of them are nutritional powerhouses. We’ve all heard about the benefits of nuts, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook their smaller counterparts. Seeds prove that big things do come in small packages! Seeds haven’t been this popular since the days when humans went out foraging, however when it comes to nutrition-rich superfoods, few compare.

The newest craze is an obsession with fibre, protein, and good fats, and the best part is – you guessed it, seeds have all three! As a major health buff, I’m always looking for healthy snack options to help me stay in top shape. Compared to its alternatives, on a pound-for-pound basis, seeds are nutritional giants.

According to numerous studies, seeds are a great source of nutrients and can be your weapon in tackling your fitness goals. Seeds have been used as an integral part of diets since ancient times, and it’s time you add them to yours as well!

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