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Best Foods You Should Consume to Prevent Hair Loss

  • Best Foods You Should Consume to Prevent Hair Loss

Are you horrified by seeing more and more hair strands in your comb with each passing day?

You are not alone! Approximately 80 million Americans are facing this issue due to several reasons such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, stress, lack of sleep, etc. Change in eating habits, diet, lifestyle also contributes to hair loss. So, here is a list of foods to prevent hair loss.  If the hair fall is too intense, there you should also refer to certain diets to prevent hair loss

Top Foods To Prevent Hair Loss: Fill your plate with nutrient-dense foods and see the change in few spans of time:

Nuts & Seeds for healthy hair:

Nuts not only increase our body-performance but are also the perfect beauty food for powerful, shiny hair. Walnuts and almonds, in particular, can work wonders: They are not only rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which promote hair growth and prevent split ends. They contain a lot of biotin (also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7) that is responsible for the structure of our hair structure. Simply put, it ensures that our hair doesn't fall off our heads. Dull, brittle hair and hair loss are therefore also typical symptoms of a biotin deficiency. The best thing you can include in your diet for healthy hair is True Elements Roasted pumpkin seeds & Ture Elements Antioxidant mix helps prevent hair loss.

Oatmeal for shiny hair:

Oatmeal contains a lot of nutrients and also contains biotin, which makes your hair shine. Zinc is also contained in the flakes. If your body lacks zinc content, it can lead to hair loss. Oatmeal is universal which is also great for skin and hair!

Try True Elements Rolled Oats if you feel like cooking yourself Or use True Elements Whole Oatmeal and Multigrain Oatmeal


Hair and nails are a protein fiber that requires protein in high amounts. Proteins help in the growth of new strands and strengthening the old ones. Protein is also necessary to produce keratin, one of the most important components of hair. Salmon is not only rich in proteins, but also in omega-3 fatty acids and other vital vitamins.

Silicon-rich foods:

Millet, oats, and barley are particularly rich in silicon. It also tightens the connective tissue and prevents cellulite. Dry and cracked skin also improves if you consume enough silicon. True Elements Millet granola & True Elements Baked granola, True Elements Quinoa


Apart from treating sore throat, cough, and cold, honey is also said to benefit the hair fall issues. In a study of patients who suffered from extreme hair loss, they were said to apply a paste of 90% honey and 10% water for about a month and the results showed improvement in the quality and quantity of hair.


The biggest reason behind extreme hair loss is a deficiency of vitamin D and iron in the body. Spinach is highly rich in iron and vitamins like vitamin C which helps in iron absorption. Include spinach in your salads along with eggs or mushrooms, both of which are rich in vitamin D to give a boost to the hair growth.

Dried fruits and berries:

They are an excellent source of Vitamin E and Omega 3 that improves scalp’s tissue-regeneration. It promotes the strengthening of the scalp and thus reduces hair to fall out of your scalp. True Elements Dried Goji berries, True Elements Mix Cranberries & blueberries.


When it comes to preventing and treating hair fall problems, zinc is the most important mineral. A study was conducted which indicated that low levels of zinc can cause hair loss. Hence, the consumption of foods rich in zinc is necessary to boost hair growth. Oysters contain more amounts of zinc as compared to other foods. Try True Elements 5-in-1 seeds mix to prevent hair loss. You can also include foods like eggs, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, whole grains, chickpeas, etc

These are the daily foods to prevent hair loss. Start your journey now!

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