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Best Time to Drink Green Tea

  • Best Time to Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the most amazing and exquisite tea people often consider as a weight loss tea. Every other weight conscious people is crazy for green tea. Green tea consists of a high amount of antioxidants along with enzymes, amino acids, phytochemicals like polyphenols, etc. It also has a good amount of B vitamins, minerals like magnesium, potassium, etc.

Even after having so many nutrients in green tea, there are particular times during which the health benefits it provides works for your overall health of the body. You cannot just simply get up and have a cup of this tea, anytime of the day. If you actually want to reap all the benefits of this tea, it is recommended to be consumed in the right way and at right times. Read the info-graphic below to know more about the best times to drink tea.

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