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Boost Your Energy with this 5 Minute Post-Workout Smoothie [Infographic]

  • Boost Your Energy with this 5 Minute Post-Workout Smoothie [Infographic]

After finishing a heavy workout, when you feel tired, all you need is an instant recovery for muscle break-ups. A post-workout snack or drink which fuels up your body, keeps your body charged, and energizes your mood is important. A good protein-rich post-workout smoothie can help to regain the lost energy and make you feel refreshed. It gives you the required protein for your body and especially muscles, to recover and grow. It also provides you with the vitamins and minerals to fight off the free radicals and prevent inflammation. Of course, there are plenty of protein shakes and powders available in the market, which are quick to prepare if you are in a rush, but it is sometimes nice to enjoy something with more substance.  We have a recipe for you that is full of nutrients, rich in flavours and customizable as per your choice.

Try this 5-minute post-workout smoothie, with your choice of ingredients which will make an exciting post-workout fuel for your body:

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