Do You Have A Moustache?


It has become a cool trend for men to have a good dense moustache but they do not know whether it is healthy or unhealthy. If you have a moustache and an allergy, there are chances that the allergy will stick with you for a longer time. Research shows that men who are frequently affected […]

Love For Money?


Most of the time, we do not listen to the bits of advice of our parents which are towards adopting good habits. Even if we do listen, we definitely don’t follow. Similarly, when some elder would have asked you to wash your hands after touching the money, you must have laughed! Health experts have recently […]

Use Soap, Not Handwash!!


Recently Health experts have found out that soap is far safer option to clean off the germs from the hand as compared to a hand-wash. It has been stated all those anti-bacterial washes which are highly expensive may have the ability to encourage superbugs. These superbugs are dangerous for the body. Simplistically, hand-wash still retains […]