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Champions Kit Combo

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    MRP: Rs.639
  • Granola Made from Natural Dark Chocolate & 100% Wholegrains.
  • Sweetened with Honey & Jaggery.
  • Pancake Mix Made from Oats and Jowar Flour.
  • Healthy fermenting agent - Freeze Curd.
  • Party Mix Contains 21g Protein per 100g & has 13g Dietary Fibre.
  • Spicy, crunchy delight for your party-time snacks.
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Why Champions Kit Combo is better than the rest?

Champions Kit contains all our True Family Favorites which are best-sellers & best suited for every occasion or anytime of the day!

True Elements Party Mix: Party Mix is a delicious and flavourful, crunchy mix of seeds and nuts curated specially for parties and get-togethers. Made with a special spice blend to go along with your cocktails, True Elements Party Mix is a crispy combination of taste and health, both of which are essential to curb your snack cravings.Our Party Mix is made from Zero Added Sugar, and is extremely beneficial for the ones who are on a strict “No Sugar” Diet. Packed with a good amount of Fibre and Protein, it keeps you filled up for a longer duration, thus becoming a saviour for your sudden hunger pangs.

True Elements Pancake Mix: Pancakes are loved by all and easy to make pancake mixes is the best fuss-free option to make and enjoy them. The mixes available in the market are made with all purpose flour (maida), sugar, baking soda & baking powder which causes bloating & digestive problems.True Elements Pancake mix is made of Oats & Jowar flour.We use freeze dried curd, a healthy fermenting agent instead of baking soda & jaggery instead of sugar to make pancakes a guilt-free snack. These are perfect for kids or even adults to get their dose of protein and nutrition through these tasty pancakes. You can top these pancakes with fresh fruits, raw honey or some chocolate sauce, the options are endless.

True Elements Chocolate Granola: From de-stressing you to satisfying your dessert cravings, dark chocolate consists of a higher concentration of cocoa, one which is shown to have a positive effect on cognition, memory, mood, and stress. Studies show that Dark Chocolate is a great stress reliever.How about fulfilling your sweet cravings and managing stress in a healthy way? True Elements Chocolate Granola is made up of 100% wholegrains & dark-chocolate with zero sugar. It is a fulfilling, healthy granola for breakfast which will satisfy your sweet cravings too.