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Concerned About Quarantine Weight Gain? Here's What to Know

  • Concerned About Quarantine Weight Gain? Here's What to Know

Life under lockdown comes with a whole new set of challenges that disrupts the daily routines of millions of people around the world. Weight gain during the pandemic is normal, especially if you spend most of your time at home with quarantine baking and comfort eating.

We all are processing this “New Normal” and if you are worried about weight gain, then do not panic! You can take several steps to stay within your target weight range.

Plan your meals timings: Working from home has changed the structure that held our days together. This change has led to two outcomes in our eating habits: first, you may end up grazing and grabbing whatever is available, and second, you may engage in more unconscious eating to alleviate boredom. To bring your eating pattern back to a routine, fix a proper time to eat your breakfast. Plan your lunch and mid-day snacks. When you begin to structure your day, you will provide your body with the nutrition it requires, and you will no longer have to worry about grabbing something random throughout the day. It also teaches your body to crave food at regular intervals.

Decide what you will eat each day: Rather than grabbing whatever is available when you are hungry, try to decide what you will eat ahead of time. For example, you can eat Whole Oatmeal with Chia & Fruits, Fruit And Nut Muesli, for breakfast. Planning what you will eat ahead will provide you with a higher quality diet and reduce the risk of gaining weight.

Keep Yourself Busy to Avoid Eating Out of Boredom: Staying busy can also help you avoid mindless eating. Boredom can fool your brain into thinking you are hungry. It is very tempting to grab a small snack every time you pass by your kitchen, but those frequent snacks can quickly add up, and it becomes tough to keep yourself busy with non-food activities. So, maybe taking your dog outside for a walk, picking up a hobby that you never had time for before, or calling a friend for a chat might help you in these situations.

Reprioritize Sleep to Control Hunger Hormones: It is crucial to sleep for seven or more hours per night, depending on your body's needs. There is a lot of evidence that people who do not get enough sleep are more likely to be overweight or obese. So, to get sound sleep at night, try to track your sleep via apps that will help you encourage consistency in sleeping and waking hours.

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