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Cranberry: The Legendary Fruit

  • Cranberry: The Legendary Fruit

Did you know those luscious, blood-red berries can do a lot for your body and mind? Cranberries are a versatile food. Not too wet, not too dry, slightly sweet, these red berries are a perfect snack. Besides taste, these berries are widely consumed because of the gamut of nutrients it contains.

These berries were used as medicine by Native Indians. It was later also used by American sailors to combat the deadly disease scurvy. During the 2nd world war, American troops consumed loads of berries to provide energy and prevent several diseases.

Just a reminder of the Top 4 elements in Cranberry:


Several studies have highlighted the antioxidant content. These simple berries can not only add sweetness to your diet but can also neutralize harmful free radicals.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant. It is important for your body for synthesizing Red Blood Corpuscles. It can also improve your immune system and can prevent colds and flu. It can even promote the absorption of iron.


These compounds are vital antioxidants that prevent bacterial infections and prevent several infections. These harmful bacteria can be eliminated by natural means.

Anti-inflammatory benefits:

From your heart to your gums, these berries can provide important anti-inflammatory benefits. They can prevent unwanted inflammation.

How can berries help you?

You can actually use these berries instead of pills! Who knew these tarty berries could actually help your skin, body, and mind. In fact, you can either pop some pills or have some of these berries. You can even stay brilliant by snacking on sweet dried berries. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds can improve memory, protect your brain from cognitive memory decline and boost your brain health. Some of these red berries can reduce the odds of heart complications.

It is sweet for a healthy mouth:

Proanthocyanidins from the cranberries can reduce bacterial infection, prevent plaque formation and prevent tooth cavities. It can also help maintain oral hygiene. These berries are youth saviours. Humble berries can make your skin supple and prevent wrinkles. It also reduces age-related bone problems and lowers the risk of cognitive decline. It is a sweet dose for the girls which helps reduce the risk of infections. Tract Infection is because of the existence of microbes. Cranberries contain cyanidin compounds which prevent the bacteria attack on the bladder wall.

Besides being so used to the girls, it can even soothe ulcer discomfort with a sweet tangy treat.

The flavonoids reduce the risk of developing digestive disorders by inhibiting the growth of ulcer-causing bacteria. It can even prevent cold, scurvy and tumour. Fresh cranberries are certainly the best, but to enjoy these delicious berries throughout the year, that too in India, dried cranberries are a better option.

Here are five ways to enjoy these berries, beyond just sauces and treats:


Add a handful of berries into your favourite smoothie for a low-calorie sweet taste. You can even add them to your other berries for a better taste and to get a low-calorie antioxidant boost.


Blend it with fresh Dahi. You can even add other berries, fruits, herbs or spices. Freeze into popsicles mould and enjoy some icy treats. Mint works wonders with these popsicles.

Ice cubes:

If you are not much of a popsicle lover, have few cranberry ice cubes. Freeze fresh berries with cocktails, iced tea or even just plain water.


Add few berries to your favourite salsa recipe to add a sweet tartness to your salsa.

Roasted sweet:

So easy to make, and delicious snack options. Simply toss few berries with little olive oil. You can even add fresh mint or natural sugar, to just spice it up a little. These slightly caramelized berries can even add flavour to your salad.

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