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Dalia For Weight Loss

  • Dalia For Weight Loss

Dalia is a breakfast staple in almost every Indian household. It has many health properties and has found a fan base beyond the fitness circuit. Dalia is extremely versatile, and it can be an alternative to rice for people trying to cut on carbohydrates. The most popular and preferred form of eating daliya is porridge cooked either in milk or cooked in water with vegetables. True Elements Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala has huge amounts of fibre, proteins and Vitamin B, all of which are essential in weight loss. True Elements Multigrain Daliais is a good substitute for your regular high-carbs poha and rice.

It is just like your regular Poha but healthier due to the presence of Jowar Flakes and has a unique taste due to the Indorian Spices!

Listed below are the benefits of Dalia that help in weight loss:

Low in calories - Dalia is extremely low in calories and thereby helps in weight loss. It is called a "Superfood" for a reason!

High in Fibre - Dalia has high fibre content. It contains almost 18gm of fibre per 100gm. This fibre also ensures that your digestive health is running smoothly. Good digestion is one of the secrets to weight loss. The high fibre also helps you be full for longer durations of time and prevents you from overeating, hence helping in weight loss. A regular portion of Dalia for breakfast can help you be full until lunchtime.

Low Glycemic Index (GI) - Dalia is low in glycemic index and thus does not get absorbed and helps ease the release of sugar. As sugar is released slowly, it does not get converted into fat. It can help in weight loss.

Rich in protein - Dalia is one of the best sources of protein. As protein takes longer to digest, Dalia keeps your hunger pangs in check. By keeping you full, Dalia helps you prevent overeating, gives your metabolism a boost and activates weight regulating hormones. Make dalia your daily breakfast partner and see the wonders it works!

There are numerous other benefits of Dalia as well. It fulfils your daily requirement of nutrients, fibre, manganese etc. It is a great source of macro and micronutrients as well. Dalia can help diabetic patients stay healthy for a longer period. All of these benefits combined make one wonderful Superfood - Dalia! Make sure to include it in your daily breakfast if you are looking to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle!

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