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Desperate for Glowing Skin- Read this to get yourself one!

  • Desperate for Glowing Skin- Read this to get yourself one!

Looking for what to eat for glowing skin, vegetarian or not? Wondering "how can i get slowing skin naturally? looking for some home remedies for glowing skin? You're at the right place! here we will tell you what to eat to get glowing skin at home naturally!  

You’ve always heard the saying, “You’re what you eat.” While this saying goes as true as you are loyal to your food choices, the amount of nutrients and the number of calories you gain in, is reflected in the quality of your skin. While there are many lotions, skin masks, sheet masks and scrubs available to be ready to use, it still doesn’t satisfy the glowing skin you desire to have, as bright and smooth as the one you always dream of.

If you’re really looking to age reverse and want to roll back the years, ditch the expensive chemical-loaded skin lotions and instead opt for some natural skin care foods in your diet.

Below listed are some of the easily available foods you can add to your diet to give your skin a shiny, glowing complexion:

Flax Seeds:

Flax Seeds are tiny powerhouse of omega-3 fats which controls ageing. It helps in reducing skin redness and irritation, thus making your skin look fresh and soft.


Blueberries are said to be the king of antioxidants, one which helps in combating free radical damage, thereby keeping your skin look younger and glowing.


Papayas are highly rich in vitamin C and E, along with beta-carotene which are beneficial in reducing inflammation and acne. They also help in protecting your skin from sun damage.


Vitamin K rich Celery helps in keeping the blood circulation healthy and reduces blood pressure, thus reducing your stress and hence brightening your skin.


Spinach is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients, especially Vitamin A, C, K and E, all of which are helpful in fighting skin problems such as eczema, inflammation, redness of skin etc.

Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds are loaded with minerals and vitamins especially Vitamin E, an important vitamin which helps protect your skin from sun damage.

Dark Chocolate:

If you’re a dark chocolate lover, you’ll probably end up looking younger for a longer period of time. Consumption of chocolate increases flavonol intake which helps in giving a gorgeous texture to your skin.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are highly rich in vitamins A and C, both of which are beneficial for glowing and health skin. Vitamin C helps in increasing collagen production which keeps your skin supple and smooth whereas vitamin A fights free radical damage, thus preventing skin cancer.


Tomatoes are powerhouse of antioxidants, named lycopene which protects pigmentation. It also brightens up your skin texture by preventing sun damage.

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