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Did you know these Superfoods will Boost your Immunity?

  • Did you know these Superfoods will Boost your Immunity?

Our Immune System acts like our Body’s Natural Defence Mechanism!

In the face of Coronavirus COVID-19, being healthy and most correctly- keeping our immunity stronger is the right move.

It’s important to notice that there's absolutely no “magic” which will protect you from viruses which will come our way. Our Immune system needs to work in harmony in order to fight any disease. Although, maintaining a proper diet and balancing our body-needs will boost up our minds and bodies to prepare and repel the illnesses and feel stronger.

These are 5 Immunity Booster Foods that will help to Strengthen our Immune System:


Ginger is widely known to have anti-inflammation properties and relieve nausea, which is why it's a superb remedy for cold and flu. It also improves digestion and cardiovascular health. It also can lower the danger of cancer. Ginger can be added in tea and soups and other dishes as you prefer.


Garlic is one of the simplest known Immunity booster food. Besides giving an additional flavor to your food, It helps in maintaining vital signs and cholesterol levels. Being rich in antioxidants, it works towards strengthening your body's natural defense mechanism. Garlic can easily be consumed by adding it in dals & Vegetables.

Chia seeds:

Despite their small size, Chia seeds are full of many essential nutrients. Chia Seeds supply fiber, iron, and calcium and are power-packed with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are required for the assembly of HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol), which prevents heart attacks. Chia seeds are often consumed directly or by mixing in salad or yogurt.

Goji berries:

Goji berries also referred to as wolfberries, are a treasure-bowl of nutrients. They contain B-complex, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and many minerals. Goji berries are great for skin, it helps to maintain blood glucose levels, prevent liver damage and reduce depression and anxiety. To kickstart your day- Sprinkle some Goji berries over your muesli or add them to a smoothie to relish it.


Besides adding a tasty aroma to the food, cinnamon also is an excellent immunity booster. it's known to multiply the good bacteria inside the body and thus, is an excellent remedy to Cold & Flu. Cinnamon also reduces the danger of heart condition and it can improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin and thus has an anti-diabetic effect. So, next time you choose a tea or coffee, try adding a touch of cinnamon.

To keep your system healthy, it is also important for you to have Sufficient Sleep, Exercise Regularly, and Manage your Stress!

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