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inverted-commas-sign-leftI absolutely adored True Elements brand for their mouthwatering, flavored snacks.If you want some fun snacks for a reasonable amount, try True Elements brand. The snacks are preservative-free, healthy, and tasty as well!inverted-commas-left

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~Picker at Pace~

inverted-commas-sign-leftThe story behind the name Harippa is one major attraction, which says “Harippa is the fusion of Harappa and Hadippa, symbolising one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, and a true emotion of fun.inverted-commas-left

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inverted-commas-sign-leftThe product idea came from one simple question, “Why are roasted seeds with seasoning not available?” The answer to this is the Harippa range of snacks which brings nutrient-bursting roasted seeds with interesting, earthy seasoningsinverted-commas-left

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~The Coveted Code~

inverted-commas-sign-leftHarippa brings back the food in the most natural form, just the way our forefathers consumed it, but with a modern flavour. inverted-commas-left

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inverted-commas-sign-leftI personally loved the taste of tangy oregano….  inverted-commas-left

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~Tinkling Tea Cups~

inverted-commas-sign-leftPeople are their best selves when they stay true to their roots, just as tea tastes best when produced and brewed in the traditional way.inverted-commas-left

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inverted-commas-sign-leftYou guys should definitely give it a try ! inverted-commas-left

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~The Hungry Duo~

inverted-commas-sign-leftIf you are looking for some seedy snacks with the touch of Harappa, you definitely know where to get that! inverted-commas-left

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~Gourmet Palate~

inverted-commas-sign-leftSince I’m a total snacker I can now ditch the chips and munch on these healthy seeds without all the guilt!inverted-commas-left

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~Urban Alpha~

inverted-commas-sign-leftBut let’s be honest – seeds aren’t the most exciting things to pick up and eat, so I’ve been on the lookout for some interesting options.inverted-commas-left

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