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Does Vitamin D ward off Coronavirus?

  • Does Vitamin D ward off Coronavirus?

Currently, the most popular topic we read or hear is coronavirus or Covid-19. Nobody ever imagined something like this would happen where everyone will be required to keep themselves healthy and safe like never before. With masks, social distancing, lockdown, and vaccines- we have come a long way to beat this virus. Coronavirus has shown how important it is to have a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle.

There is no sure short medicine to cure this virus. But, staying immune and healthy is a prerequisite to stay safe from the covid virus which can be attained if we take care of our vitamins and nutrients intake. Various vitamins help us to stay healthy, but Vitamin D is a prominent one. Vitamin D can help reduce the risk of developing several covid- 19.

Vitamin D, the “Sunshine Vitamin” because we get it from sunlight, is vital for our body as it helps to:

  • Develop our bones and teeth
  • Facilitates our immune system’s functioning
  • Fights against diseases
  • Helps with depression
  • Helps in weight loss etc. are some main functions of this vitamin.

This vitamin is significant as it builds immunity, which is the need of the hour. Exposing your arms, legs, and body to sunlight for 10-15 mins, twice a week can help you fulfill your Vitamin D requirements. Our skin produces this vitamin when it comes in direct contact with the sun. But often, it can be difficult to do this activity because of our busy schedules. So what the health experts recommend is- to take this vitamin from various food sources to avoid vitamin D deficiency. We can eat:

  • Oatmeal
  • Egg yolk
  • Fortified milk and yogurt
  • Salmon and shrimp
  • Cheese
  • Oranges

As India is moving towards the third wave of coronavirus, we must take all the necessary vitamins and measures to keep ourselves and our family- fit and healthy. With proper food, hygiene, and various precautions, we can fight against coronavirus and be victorious.

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