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Doing our bit to save the planet - 0ur Planet, Our Responsibility

  • Doing our bit to save the planet - 0ur Planet, Our Responsibility

Today, more than ever, we can see, feel and experience the effects of climate change in our day to day lives. Be it sudden weather changes, wild forest fires, animal extinction, increased diseases, depleting natural resources and more. Mankind has exploited nature and this planet to its very core and is now facing the consequences. But there’s still some scope for damage control and we must start now before it’s too late.

The whole circle of life on Earth is meant to function in harmony. Acting responsibly is no more an option, it’s our duty. We at True Elements realise that our motto of promoting True health and wellness would be futile if we do not simultaneously take efforts in creating a sustainable environment and effectively reducing our carbon footprint.

As a brand that believes in action more than words, we are always working towards finding new solutions to make our customers a part of this movement by providing sustainable options and taking an additional step from our side to make it easy for the customers to choose the right way. We have a constructive model that helps us do our bit by not just controlling but also giving back to our planet in every way possible.

Recycle: Our whole world is dependent on plastic and we understand that it is difficult to completely remove it from our systems but we can make sure that we do no produce any more of it. The best way to do so is to Recycle and Reuse. We saw a big gap between awareness and action when it comes to recycling. A lot of people realise their responsibility but aren’t keen on taking the efforts to be more conscious. We decided to take a step further and make it easier for our customers to recycle. We provide a recycling program, where the customer can collect 10 packets of plastic food packaging and schedule a recycling pickup with us. Our team will pick up the packets and deliver them to our facility for further recycling.

Reduce Carbon Footprint: One of our priorities when it comes to sourcing is that we always look to source local. Local produce is not only fresher but also reduces the travel of products and the use of fuel for the same. It helps in promoting local farmers as well. This creates a sustainable environment and effectively reduce our carbon footprint. We are also working on innovating our factory processes in different ways to use less power. So far we have set up 11 warehouse facilities across the country, helping us be physically closer to the sources of our ingredients. We also do not use High Water Requirement crops like rice in our ingredients. 

Biofuel: We try to maximise the use of Biofuel to run our machinery in the factory. We are on a mission to completely function on biofuels like biodiesel or plant-based energy. The majority of our functions like heating, roasting, vacuuming and freezing machinery run on biodiesel.

Zero Plastic: After continuous efforts, we have finally found a way to package our products without plastic while also making sure that the product quality inside is not compromised. After a lot of trials and errors, we will be providing our customers with an option to choose a plastic-free packaging that will be made from corn starch. Seeing this idea come to reality feels like a dream but we are just getting started.

Let’s promise ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to be more responsible and conscious about our planet, not just on Earth Day but every day because good planets are hard to find so, let’s take care of this one.

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