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Dummies Guide To Superfoods

  • Dummies Guide To Superfoods

Ever heard of superfood? Superfoods are the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, well-known for dietary benefits. These foods are more popular than ever in the market today since many people are already enjoying their benefits. If you are still not sure what they are, why are they important or how to eat them, our superfood guide is here to help.

Superfoods are nothing new, they have been present for ages, but are now getting popular because of dietary trends people follow. These foods were touted as healers by the ancient people. They were used by people to heal body and mind. In today’s world of toxic food, healthy foods are given utmost importance, since they are essential for rejuvenation and performance. They are a diverse collection of nutrient-dense natural foods such as veggies, fruits, seeds, and grains. They are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential acids. Most healthy foods contain only two or three essential nutrients, but these superfoods often contain 12 or more.

Why are superfoods important in the 21st century?

The modern diet is full of unhealthy food. It is not as nutritious as it should be. These foods are consumed more because of hectic schedules. These foods are easy to prepare compared to their healthy version. Sadly, these unhealthy, quick eating foods damage skin, body, hair, and immunity. It even disturbs your mind. If you include these foods in your diet, you are more likely to stay happy and healthy. Everything around you will be better if you have superfoods.

The benefits of superfoods:

Each superfood is unique and offers some of the other health benefits. Improving physical and mental health, boosting your immunity, preventing several diseases are some of the basic benefits of superfoods. These foods are nutrient-dense, hence provides you ample amount of energy and can even make you feel better. They also help burn calories, promotes satiety, reduces hunger cravings and helps maintain your weight.

Why are they called Superfoods?

It is the term that came from the USA. It is basically a collective name for all the super healthy food. The list of healthy food is extensive. Here is the list of few categories of superfoods:

Green veggies:

As your mother always said, “Have more greens in your diet to stay healthy.” These super greens are veggies that contain a high quantity of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Wheatgrass, barley grass, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and legumes belong here.

Seeds and nuts:

These teeny tiny foods are nutritional powerhouses packed in little packets. These nutrient-dense foods which were thrown away while eating luscious fruit can actually benefit your food. These berries can help promote healthy sleep patterns and can help prevent a heart attack.


Many herbs are packed with vitamins that can benefit your body. They also have special medicinal properties. Aloe vera, ginseng, turmeric, basil etc belong to this category.

Besides these major categories, products derived from bees are also among the other superfoods.

How to Eat Superfoods?

If you want to eat superfoods, it is necessary to have it in the right way. You need to make sure that the superfoods are organic and are not a victim of excess modern processing. If cooking superfoods, make sure you don’t overcook them. Overheating can actually essential heat-sensitive antioxidant.

You can have superfoods at any time of the day. You can consume them for breakfast, lunch dinner or snacks. Here are few ways to enjoy superfoods.


Almond milk with oats and few pieces of chopped dry fruits. Cereal with extra seeds and nuts.


Bun/ Salad with tomato, olives, a little garlic, seeds, and sprouts.


Broccoli/ spinach with a legume, seeds, and quinoa.


A handful of seeds(you can add spice for added flavour), nuts, apple or berries.

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