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Eating healthy during the festive season

  •  Eating healthy during the festive season

The festive season is here, and we cannot help but drool over the delicious sweets and yummy snacks. This season can make it difficult to keep control of the diet or what to eat and what not to. There are plenty of healthy options available, but it is okay to sometimes indulge in your favourite food, too! So, here are a few tips to consider so you can enjoy a guilt-free festive season.

  • Eat mindfully: As people might be visiting you or you might be visiting your relatives and friends, it’s tough to say No when they offer delicious treats. But, you can always be mindful of what you eat and plan your meals accordingly.
  • Eat homemade sweets: It’s often advisable to not stop yourself from eating food and, mithais (sweets) are hard to skip during Diwali or any festivals. So enjoy sweets but prepare them at home. Homemade sweets are more healthy and you can always reduce the sugar or try sugar-free recipes to make sweets. Also, you will be mindful of what is there in the sweets, which reduces the tension of binge eating.
  • Eating before you step out: Whenever you plan to have a grand feast with your family and friends, eat something at home which is much healthier and lighter for you. For example, a bowl of oats, or something like dried cranberries or True Elements Multigrain Crunchy pops etc. That will keep your stomach full so- you won’t overeat at the restaurant. This technique will help you to avoid unhealthy food and will help you maintain your diet.
  • Keep a check on beverages: Thinking the beverage is non-alcoholic, you might end up drinking more, which is not beneficial for your diet. Limit yourself to a glass of beverage or prefer some healthy drink like lemon juice or green tea over the alcoholic or soft drinks offered. Soft drinks are sugary, which is unhealthy for your weight loss or health goals.
  • Never skip your breakfast: With too much going around with work and festivals, you might skip breakfast due to early morning rituals or some other commitments which are not advisable. Always have your breakfast, even a simple meal like millet upma, or oatmeal, have it!
  • Fix an exercise schedule: It’s hard- let us face it but, it’s not impossible. After the parties and everything, you can exercise a bit. Don’t force yourself to exercise, but try to maintain a schedule or fix a time for your exercise. It will keep you light and make you feel energized during the festivals. If exercising is not possible, go for a short walk after a heavy meal.
  • Portion Control: Eating mindfully and staying fit can be a challenge, but you can try eating small servings while you are out. Take a small bowl of curry or just a few spoons of biryani. Eating small portions will be good for digestion and will help you have different varieties in the gathering.
  • Don’t try too hard: We know it’s the festive season, and it’s tough to maintain a fixed diet so, don’t be that hard trying to skip meals or not eating well, these practices will make you stressed and you won’t be able to enjoy the festival. So it’s okay sometimes to indulge in ladoo or some sweets.

Enjoy the festival season but keep your health in mind too! It’s significant to enjoy the festival but not at the cost of being sick. Bond with your family and friends and have those sweets but yes, be mindful!

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