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Entrepreneur Magazine: Staying True To Food

  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Staying True To Food

We are so thrilled to be featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine this year. The year has been nothing short of a challenge for us like everybody else but the teamwork of our entire True Elements Family has made it possible to reach new heights and keep growing in spite of the difficulties.

As a brand, our aim is to become India’s trusted Whole-food Nashta brand, providing plant-based, healthy and wholegrain options. Being a part of this hustle system that keeps you on the toes and tends to make you forget about your own health, we constantly strive to curate highly nutritious (preservatives free) breakfasts, snacks and meals made from locally sourced ingredients.

As we grow, we not only want to bring a change in food and health habits but also simultaneously manage and reduce our carbon footprint. With the growth and expansion across India and even Internationally, we realise our responsibility towards the environment and have started initiatives like Recycle pickups, plastic-free packaging, using natural gas as fuel for production and more.

Covid has definitely changed the way we work, from a majority of our staff members working from home to deliveries and sourcing issues. But we have been able to rise through it all and are aiming to only increase our product range and presence in the market both online and offline.

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