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Is your dad a sports and fitness enthusiast and has made sure you are too? Then this one is for him.

Crunchy Nuts And Berries Muesli - Fibre Rich


Dad's are our inspiration for hard work. Gift him a dose of strength and immunity to express your love.

Daily Dose Trail Mix - High Protein


For the sweetest papa who loves you unconditionally & goes above and beyond to make you smile!

Chocolate Granola with 100% Dark Chocolate


Celebrate your sweet and tangy relationship by gifting these deliciously flavourful berries.

Berries Mix - Heart Healthy


Is your dad the one who always takes your stress away? Its time you gift him something that will take his stress away and make him smile.

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


Is your dad a great multi-tasker?  Manages work, family and hobbies effortlessly? Here's an all-rounder treat for the all-rounder!

Roasted 7 in 1 Super Seeds Nut Mix - Diabetic Friendly


This one is for the Fun Dad. If your dad is the coolest and is always a hit amongst your friends, this chatpata snack is perfect for him!

Chilli Masala Sunflower - Vitamin E Rich

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