Fibre Punch Breakfast Combo

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True Elements
  • Dark Chocolate Granola is made from 100% Wholegrain & Natural Chocolate.
  • Our Granola is baked for crunchier texture instead of fried.
  • Whole Oatmeal is packed in 11g Plant-protein.
  • Oatmeal contains real whole fruits.
  • Millet Upma has no rawa/semolina.
  • Gluten-Free Upma made of Jowar and Foxtail Millets.
True Elements

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Why Fibre Punch Breakfast Combo is better than the rest?

Fibre Punch Breakfast Combo is a perfect breakfast combo for all taste buds. There is something for everyone - from the sweetness of the Chocolate Granola to the Spiciness of Masala Millet Upma to Real Whole Fruits in Whole Oatmeal! All the breakfast options are power-packed in Fibre, which will keep you full of energy throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate Granola: Start your morning with a chocolatey twist with dark chocolate granola! True Elements Chocolate Granola is a rich, fulfilling, healthy breakfast that will satisfy your sweet cravings too. It consists of 100% whole grains, rich dark chocolate flavour and sweetened with honey and jaggery. Our granola is baked and not fried, which gives it a crunchy texture. Our chocolate granola is packed with 10g dietary fibre, making it the perfect breakfast for weight loss.

Whole Oatmeal: True Elements Whole Oatmeal is a storehouse of dietary fibre, protein & vitamins that is great for weight loss. A wholesome bowl of overnight whole-grain oatmeal can provide you with the required energy & can keep your sudden cravings at bay. In addition to the crunch, our oatmeal is filled with fresh, juicy fruits that are freeze-dried and chia seeds that give it an extra nutritional boost.

Millet Upma: Upma is a popular breakfast option in most households but sometimes it does not provide the required nutrition that is needed for one to kick start their day. Most of the available Upma mixes have semolina/rava (which contains gluten). We took this popular breakfast and made it healthier while keeping its traditional taste intact. It is also easy and quick to cook! True Elements Millet Upma Mix is 100% gluten-free & contains healthy millets like Jowar & Foxtail, along with colourful veggies & indian spices. This makes our upma a power-packed energy-boosting tasty breakfast.

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