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Foods For Fighting Fatigue

  • Foods For Fighting Fatigue

Do you often find yourself feeling tired, gloomy, low on energy even though you just woke up, or even if you haven't engaged in an energy-draining activity? One word- Fatigue. There can be many reasons why you feel this way. It could be due to lack of sleep, anemia, not enough fuel, excessive caffeine consumption, dehydration, diabetes, or working late night shifts. If any of these mentioned reasons seems like the cause of it, then you need to find a solution for it quickly. Health concerns should not be overlooked. It can later cause more health issues or even fuel existing ones.

Fatigue is concerned with energy within your body therefore, what you EAT is the most crucial factor in fighting fatigue. Food can also help you overcome fatigue and can be a motivating agent that helps your body fight it. Without further ado, let us find out which foods can fuel your body and help revive this energy-draining battery.

  1. First and foremost, Water, water, water. Up to 60% of our body is water. So, it is crucial to drink plenty of water during the day and keep yourself hydrated, even if it means taking more washroom breaks. Hydration is vital to overcome fatigue
  2. Chia seeds are great for giving your body the energy it needs. They digest slowly while giving your body the fibre and protein it needs. Don't underestimate the size of chia seeds. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds into a glass of water. Let it sit for a while until you see it fluff up and then drink it up!
  3. Fruits & vegetables are great for keeping your energy levels stable. They are extremely high in nutrients and make you feel fresh and healthy. It is a good supplement for all the mental and physical work your mind and body go through during the day. Do carry a few fruits to work as a snack and ensure your heavy meals (Lunch/Dinner) has a variety of vegetables in them
  4. Include Proteins in your diet. You can do this by consuming cottage cheese, paneer, beans, or even snacks like True Elements- protein crunchy minis that will help you get your daily dose of protein
  5. Quinoa is also one secret to defeating fatigue because quinoa is high in riboflavin i.e., B2. And B2 tends to improve energy levels in your muscle cells and energy metabolism in the brain, therefore leading to the production of better energy in cells
  6. Oatmeal is high in magnesium, potassium, protein and also helps with giving you quick energy. If you prefer smaller meals, then this should be ideal for you. Oats tend to make you feel full for longer therefore, starting your day with a bowl of oats topped with fruits, seeds & nuts will give you the energy you need while keeping your tummy satisfied for longer.
  7. Now for a fun one, Dark chocolate. Yes! You have read that right! Dark chocolate does have little caffeine, but in smaller amounts, therefore it is okay to consume it. Dark Chocolate contains antioxidants that allow blood to flow more easily by dilating the blood vessels, thereby promoting a better flow of blood throughout the body. You could also try it in different varieties if you get tired of the regular chocolate bar. You can give True Elements Dark Chocolate Granola a little taste, and well, we bet you will probably fall in love with it.

All these foods which reduce fatigue, are fantastic to overcome it, but what's also very important is to manage your lifestyle choices. Get good sleep, eat (especially the above-mentioned foods) on time, avoid caffeine for a while, drink a lot of water, and keep your mental health in check as well! Depression is also a symptom of fatigue and if you think that is a cause, start with some meditation and therapy! Once again, never brush off a health concern, address it, solve it and stay consistent with managing it. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay TRUE to yourself!

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