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Foods that'll keep your body warm during Winter

  • Foods that'll keep your body warm during Winter

Are you looking for comfort foods for the winter? or may what would be the best foods for the winter cold? or possibly some healthy foods for the winter to keep up your diet! Well, whatever it is, this blog will help you with the perfect list for some nice, warm foods for the winter break that can help answer anything you are looking for!

When you see people covered fully with jackets and gloves, scarfs around their neck, cotton buds in their ears and a cup of hot chocolate in their hands, you know winter’s here. Not getting out of your bed in such a cosy weather, staying curled up in your blankets is what goes on your mind every morning. Well that is not really fair, right?

Staying in a warm place for hours won’t help you in keeping your body warm, but consuming certain types of warm foods will definitely keep you away from infection and give warmth to your body. Hot chocolate is the rescue of every other person, but there are other foods too, which will help battle the cold season.

Here are the 6 foods that you should consume in winter right away, to keep your body warm and disease-free:


This fine powdered texture is known for its high iron content, which helps in curing anaemia. Consumption of Bajra on a daily basis can strengthen your bones which become stiff during winters, and reduce the risk of severe joint pain. Nuts – Who doesn’t like to munch nuts while watching Netflix? When you are super lazy to get out of bed in chilly nights and prepare some popcorn, grab on to nuts and spice up your mood. Regular intake of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, etc. during winter can boost your nervous system, improve sensitivity to insulin and keep your heart and body healthy enough to fight any infection. Eat few at a time or a handful of these; it will always keep your body warm.

Whole grains:

Energy-rich foods such as whole grains and vitamins & minerals loaded veggies are known to provide you with the required amount of fuel & immunity to your body, to help you combat the cold months. The healthy morning breakfast Oats won’t only keep you healthy, but will also help you in slowing down during winter to keep you warm. Highly beneficial for weight loss concerned people, oatmeal is said to eradicate your laziness in no time, keeping you active throughout the day.


And how many of Gujurati houses you have been to, and not served with a ladoo made from dates? It is not just a sweet delicacy, but the lower fat content in them helps in reducing weight. Since they are fully jammed with nutrients, they are served as a date milkshake to kids, in order to boost their metabolism and improve the immune system of their body. Regular consumption of dates during winter will help your body to maintain its functioning and keep your body warm.


Nothing else has worked better on a chilled morning than a hot bowl of soup. Fond of spicy Chinese noodles? Well, you can have a hot, mouth-watering soup and kill your craving of Chinese by a bowl of soup, tossed with veggies and noodles. This winter food will not only fulfil your hunger pangs but keep your body warm and safe from stomach infections as it contains nutrients in ample amount.


Winter is here and so is your cough & cold back with a bang! Don’t you worry, because we have a simple and easier solution to get rid of an irritation? Honey being anti-bacterial in itself help people struggling with running nose. Consume it raw or you can drink a ginger honey tea, for a faster recovery.

The cold weather can interrupt your mood in case of low intake of necessary nutrients for your body, leaving you stressed and irritated. Hence, it is mandatory to pay attention to your lifestyle. So this year, spend the chilly nights by staying warm and healthy.

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