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Frequently Asked Questions

Seeds are the next best foods for you. They taste great and we have all sorts of them. Pumpkin, Watermelon, Sunflower, Flax, Chia and Sesame to name a few. They’re rich in protein, essential fats, dietary fiber and several micronutrients. They help immensely in lowering your cholesterol levels and are good for your heart and liver. They also have anti-diabetic effects. These can be consumed as guilt-free snacks and can be added to your cuisines to make them crunchier, tastier and healthier.

Superfoods are powerhouses of nutrients which have huge amounts of antioxidants. They contain healthy fats and prevent heart diseases and some even ward off cancer. These foods are Quinoa, Steel-cut Oats, Black/Bamboo Rice, Seeds, Nuts, Berries, etc. and are also very rich in fiber, helping in digestive problems. Including Superfoods in your daily diet is the best decision you’re going to take for your health.

Our products bring back the foods that we were anciently consumed in the most natural form. Grains like black rice, bamboo rice, quinoa have been consumed for centuries as the staple food. Similarly, seeds were consumed as a snack since the Harappan times. Honey, for which we have different variants like that of Ginger, Neem, and Acacia, has been used since primitive times both as a condiment and for medicinal purposes. Then, our Tea variants are inspired by the ancient Chinese Tea culture.

All our products being natural means we try our best to bring them to you in their most natural form. There is absolutely nothing artificial that goes into them as we do not add any preservatives, additives, artificial coloring or flavoring. Even the seasonings used in our Harippa snack range is developed especially using the ground form of all natural spices and herbs. So there is absolutely nothing nasty added!