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Ultimate Celebration Gift Hamper

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  • Price: Rs.510
    MRP: Rs.600 15% Off
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  • One Hamper that satisfies sweet & savoury cravings
  • Filled with Tasty & Healthy treats
  • Can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack
  • Comes in premium packaging
  • Delicious munchies to satisfy hunger in a healthy way

Why Ultimate Celebration Gift Hamper is better than the rest?

True Elements Ultimate Celebration hamper is here to give your celebrations a little spiciness, some bit of sweetness & a whole lot of fun! This hamper contains a mix of sweet and savoury munchies that are as delicious healthy. Sweetness to spiciness, tangy to savoury, each and every craving can be satiated through this hamper. This hamper comes in premium packaging which helps in saving on the wrapping paper.

  • Chocolate granola 140g: For all the chocolate lovers, True Elements Dark Chocolate Granola is a boon! A perfect blend of taste & health! Consists of 100% wholegrain rolled oats, wheat flakes, dried cranberries, seeds, raw honey, almonds, and naturally alkalised dark chocolate. This granola is baked and not fried & sweetened only with jaggery & raw honey which makes it a great option for a healthy breakfast or guilt-free snacking. From de-stressing to satisfying dessert cravings, dark chocolate granola will please your loved ones’ taste buds while providing multiple health benefits. This granola will surely be a hit among your close ones!
  • Party Mix 125g: Still eating fried snacks with your favourite beverages? Time to switch your loved one’s habit of munching junk food to something healthier & tastier! Party mix is a spicy delight that will change their snacking game. This crunchy mix consists of 100% natural & healthy ingredients like soynuts, peanuts, almonds, watermelon seeds, cashew nuts & more. All these have mouthwatering seasoning of flavourful spices like chilli, dry mango, nutmeg & more. This mix will keep your loved ones’ tummy filled up for a longer duration, thus becoming a saviour for your sudden hunger pangs. This mix can be eaten straight of the pack or can be used to make bhel (in case they miss street chat).
  • Dried cranberry 30g: True Elements Dried Whole Cranberries are naturally sun-dried, with no added chemical preservatives or artificial colours. They offer a nice tangy-sweet flavour, which keeps you wanting more. Cranberries also help in preventing UTI. They are a superfood for your skin and hair. Have them as a snack, add them to your oatmeal or even desserts. These antioxidant-rich dried cranberries are a great topping and flavour booster.
  • Chilli cranberry 30g: Looking for a healthy snack that satisfies both sweet and spicy cravings at once? Try True Elements Chilli Cranberries! Tanginess from the cranberries and spiciness from the 100% natural spices makes this an unmissable hit for every snacking occasion. This savoury snack has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties which provide multiple benefits. Top these delicious delights on your breakfast cereals, ice cream, etc to add a spicy tangy twist and enhance their taste.
  • Dried blueberry 30g: Blueberries are a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps to build your immunity. True Elements Dried Blueberries are an immediate rescue for sugar cravings. They are natural and wholesome sweet treats, enjoyable during any time of the day. Our dried blueberries are packed with a nutritional punch, naturally sun-dried with no artificial colours or flavours. They are low in sodium and calories, making them a perfect treat for weight watchers. They help to keep your skin and hair healthy.
  • Nuts and Berries Muesli 140g: Nuts and Berries Muesli is an easy, nourishing & tasty breakfast option. It consists of a mix of whole grains, oats, seeds, dried berries, etc. This muesli is rich in vitamins and minerals. Enriched with high antioxidants berries makes this muesli great for boosting your immunity. Eat it hot or cold, with milk or yoghurt and it will provide you with the required energy to get through your day.

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