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7 Breakfast Essentials You Must Have at Home!

  • 7 Breakfast Essentials You Must Have at Home!

Did you too grew up listening to “Finish your breakfast first and then leave the house.” No doubt breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast, as the word literally meaning “breaking the fast” is that meal which shapes up your mood and energy for the rest of the day. It fuels your body with the required energy to keep you active throughout and also balances out all the nutrient requirements. But since nowadays, where almost everybody is always in a hurry, many of us skip this important meal and compromise on the basic necessities. A lavish breakfast certainly comes out of the syllabus at this point of time, but at least you can just grab onto some quick, delicious breakfast fixes which provide the exact nutrition otherwise.

Below listed are few of the essential food items you can stock up at your place for a quick fix to your morning breakfast:


There can be nothing else in this world which is not essential as much as tea. Right from waking up to having a sad day to having a headache, a cup of “cutting-chai” is the solution for it all. Also, some of us relish it with hints of ginger and lemon for a slight twist. If you want to save on some time, a cup of tea is the right start for your day, along with some snacks to keep you full.


While there are some people who are exceptionally different, there comes the coffee lovers. Just to get the perfect caffeine kick, none of the coffee lovers miss out on a cup of coffee anytime in their day. Coffee, apart from vanishing your sleepy moods, gives instant energy to keep you ahead for a hectic day.


For that quick sweet-tooth you crave for, admit it that a slice of bread with your favourite fruit jam is the best. All you need to do it toast the bread, apply some jam and bang on! You’re ready to seize the day with a happy face.

Wheat Flakes:

Now that you're familiar with Corn Flakes, did you ever want to try something new, in the category of flakes itself? If you are a health-conscious freak who always looks out for healthier breakfast options, a bowl of Wheat Flakes can be a perfect pick for you. Best combination of milk and wheat flakes, you can pace yourself up with sheer determination and zestful energy.


A powerhouse of Fibre and Protein, a steaming bowl of Oatmeal with your favourite toppings of fruits, seeds and nuts is just the heaviest breakfast you can think of. Create some spicy Masala Oats dish or just have a cool, refreshing jar of fruity Oatmeal, Oats are the solution to almost all your stomach indigestion problems.


Craving for a crunchy breakfast? Muesli is the answer to your cravings, Muesli is nothing different but an oatmeal dish which is made from rolled oats and other ingredients such as dried fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. It has the right proportion of nutrients which your overall body needs and also helps you keep going super-fresh the entire day.

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