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Health Tips for Women's Nutrition

  • Health Tips for Women's Nutrition

Men and Women have different bodies and hence is the lifestyle, food requirements & exercise patterns. This article will be focusing on Women’s health and nutrition more for a better understanding.

Key Tips for Women-

  • Do not skip breakfast- Have breakfast to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Think about it as extra energy rather than extra calories. Breakfast is the most crucial meal. What you have is equally important. A good fibre, calcium and nutritious meal will keep you energetic all day long.
  • Eat your Calcium- Having calcium keeps your bones stronger and helps to maintain a proper nervous system. Weakened bones may lead to osteoporosis, which is a condition of having less bone mass and strength, making your bones fragile. Dairy products such as yoghurt/ curd and milk are good sources of calcium.
  • Vitamin D and magnesium- Vitamin D is important for the metabolism of Calcium to make full use of the calcium you eat. Sunlight, milk and other dairy products are some good sources of Vitamin D. Magnesium help in increasing the absorption of calcium from the blood into the bones. Leafy vegetables, Broccoli, cucumber, green beans and seeds are rich in Magnesium.
  • Iron- Iron helps in creating haemoglobin which further helps in carrying oxygen in your blood. Women need more iron compared to Men to make up for the loss of iron in blood during menstruation. Anaemia is the most common deficiency in women from a very young age. Iron deficient women can feel lethargic and exhausted. Thus, taking large quantities of iron can be significant for women’s nutritional needs. Make your diet rich by adding nuts, whole grains, seeds like Halim & sunflower, beans and dark leafy vegetables as spinach.
  • Vitamin B- Vitamin B is crucial for overall health. Nuts, Cereals, Kale, Beans and Peas are some foods rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin B is even more crucial for women who are planning to become pregnant as it aids in overall wellbeing.
  • No Unhealthy fats- There are good sources of fat and bad sources of fat. Having good fat is actually beneficial. Bad fat like trans fat is hazardous to us, it leads to many health complications in the future. Good fat foods include Nuts, Dry fruits, Seeds. Bad fat food includes processed foods, lots of preservatives, and canned items.

Women require more effort to stay fit due to their body structure. It's important to stay healthy as a healthy woman can make her family healthy. So I hope this article is useful for all the ladies out there. Do comment and share the same.

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