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Oats Variety Pack (Rolled Oats 200gm, Steel Cut Oats 200gm, Instant Oats 200gm)

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  • Each Pack weighs 200gm.
  • Oats are rich in fibre and low in calories.
  • Excellent source of protein.
  • 0 % Added Sugar.
  • Oats are high in protein and reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Good to be consumed as a morning breakfast which will keep you active the entire day.

Why Oats Variety Pack (Rolled Oats 200gm, Steel Cut Oats 200gm, Instant Oats 200gm) is better than the rest?

Are you eating the RIGHT OATS?

Not all Oats are the same. They are categorized differently depending upon their texture, cooking time & benefits.

True Elements Oats Variety Pack will help you try & pick the correct Oats for You! 

This combo contains:

True Elements Gluten-free Steel-Cut Oats 200gm: Steel Cut Oats are Oats Grains cut with steel blades. Steel Cut Oats are rich in fiber and low in calories thus protecting the heart. These Gluten-Free Oats have a low glycemic index, they are suitable for people having diabetes. It is also a natural source of Vitamin B & Iron, which can help in reducing iron deficiencies. These oats are generally recommended for people with diabetes. They take around 15-20mins to completely cook. They can be best used to cook Oats Khichdi.

Gluten-free Rolled Oats 200gm: Rolled Oats are Oat Grains flattened or "Rolled" for consumption. Rolled Oats consist of soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol, boosts metabolism, and aids in digestion. They are also naturally gluten-free, which adds a lot more benefit to your overall health. They take around 10-15 mins to cook. They can be best used to cook Overnight Oats.

True Elements Gluten-free Instant Oats 200gm:  True Elements Whole Instant Oats are naturally gluten-free and made from 100% whole grain instant oats, also called quick oats. These are processed Oats which make it best for quick cooking. These oats are a powerhouse of dietary fibre which makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, hence helping in weight management. Gluten Free Quick Oats helps in improving your overall health, from the digestive system to muscle building. They are best enjoyed as Oats Soup.

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