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Healthy Eating For Healthy Weight

  • Healthy Eating For Healthy Weight

There are no fixed mantras because whoever says there is, is lying. Weight depends on your genes, geography, culture, eating habits, exposures, lifestyle, and to top that, your likes and dislikes too.

At the outset, it's important to know there is no fixed formula to apply to weight management at all. You can, however, study the logic of science and design something that suits your body type.

1) Study your body type: do you put on weight by eating sweets in one meal, in one day, or eating heavily for just a couple of days? Do you gain weight slowly and see a growing appetite too?

2) If you have sudden overnight weight gain, then your metabolism and absorption by the body are working like immediate cause & effect. Therefore, if you are going to eat a Tiramisu as a dessert, you should know you can't eat a lunch buffet as well. Or if you do, then the evening has a long walk or gym on the chart. Start consuming a lot of hot water to help remove the digested food out of the system faster.

3) If you tend to gain weight slowly, and it coincides with bigger meals then, you need to know what your set needs are. If two chapatis with sabji and one katori dal & rice is an average meal then adding one bowl kheer and two rasgullas is an addition that cannot be repeated in subsequent meals else this will become the new need to feel satiated. Also, after you see you broke your "needed plate-size" then you need to apply fresh tactics to be disciplined. You can cheat your eyes by getting a smaller plate and filling only as much as it can with no second helping.

Staying on a diet that includes oils, ghee, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts & berries that our forefathers were dependent on ensures we stay aligned to old diets. This diet is naturally healthy for us. However, regionally this may vary. So what Kerala eats and drinks may not be what Punjab consumers. Study the diet of your region that will aid your genes to stay vibrant and actively contribute to weight management. The more unnatural, unusual, heavy, artificial, chemical, or processed food/drink/oil you consume, your NATURAL ability to manage weight is challenged.

How many calories you consume, the protein you eat, or carbs you add depends on lifestyle whether athletic, hard-working, or sedentary.

Stay original to your Region

Stay conscious of your hunger and food need

Manage your diet to suit your body type


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