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High Protein Kit

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  • Packed in ample protein.
  • Helps in weight management.
  • Contains protein-rich seeds, nuts and berries.
  • Helps in muscle gains.
  • Helps with refueling body after workouts.
  • Energy boosting combo.

Why High Protein Kit is better than the rest?

Eating foods high in protein has many benefits, like muscle building, weight management, and feeling fuller after eating. True Elements High Protein Kit has products that are power-packed in protein and fulfil your daily intake of protein. Eating a protein-rich diet can help avoid overeating and thus help in weight loss. A high protein diet can help build muscles when combined with exercise. It includes:

7-in-1 Superseeds and Nut mix: True Elements 7 in 1 Super seeds and Nut Mix is a combination of protein-packed seeds with Soynuts. This mix is packed in 24.1g per 100g of plant protein. These seeds are slightly roasted to give an extra crunch making them perfect for snacking. They are ideal for fitness enthusiasts as they help fulfil the body's daily protein requirement. Also, since they have no added sugar, they can be consumed by sugar-conscious and diabetic patients.

Protein Crunchy minis: True Elements Protein Crunchy Minis are here to change the way you snack! These mini bars are packed with protein-rich ingredients to give you an instant energy boost. They are perfect as a pre-workout or even as a post-workout snack and can be eaten anytime during the day. You can also have these bars in the mornings to give long-lasting energy to your day. These minis are made with 100% natural watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, desiccated coconut, almonds, jaggery, oat flour and raw honey.

5-in-1 Superseeds mix: Seeds are gaining more and more popularity for their incredible health benefits. True Elements brings you a premium combo of 5 Roasted super seeds, all of which are packed with different nutrients and health benefits. This mix is loaded with 24.6g per 100g of plant protein. Being antioxidant-rich, these seeds help to protect your health from bacterias and viruses. Roasted Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax along with Watermelon & Chia Seeds is a power-packed combination of healthy seeds. These seeds are 100% natural and free from any artificial flavours, coating or preservatives. Packed with nutrients and fibre, these are great for sugar conscious and weight-watchers alike.

No Added Sugar muesli: With the perfect balance of whole grain oats, wheat flakes, mixed dried fruits and nuts, True Elements No Added Sugar Muesli will give a scrumptious start to your morning. Made from Zero Sugar and Filled with essential nutrients, this breakfast cereal is mixed with milk or yoghurt for the power-packed fibre-rich bowl. The minerals and vitamins present in this muesli can help with the body's overall functioning by keeping it energised and healthy.

Multigrain Oatmeal: True Elements Multigrain Oatmeal is made with the best of whole grains that retain all their nutritional value. This oatmeal consists of Bajra, Jowar, Barley flakes and Amaranth in the form of puff, for a crispy texture. This oatmeal is high in Fiber & Complex Carbs than regular Oatmeal. Instead of sugar, this oatmeal has Honey and Cane Sorghum to add a sweet taste, unlike the ordinary oatmeal making this one 100% refined sugar-free.

This hamper is 100% natural with no preservatives. It is a perfect gift for birthdays, festivals or any personal event! Enjoy it anytime.

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