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We believe that Healthy food can be tasty too! Presenting guilt-free chocolate indulgence for all Chocoholics!

Chocolate Granola with 100% Dark Chocolate

  • Made from Natural Dark Chocolate.
  • 100% Wholegrains.
  • Chocolate Granola, Zero Added Sugar.
  • Sweetened with Honey & Jaggery.
  • Baked for a crunchier texture.


Chocolate Wheat flakes

  • 3X More Fibre than Corn flakes
  • Sweetened with jaggery & raw honey
  • Made from natural dark chocolate flavour alkalised cocoa powder
  • Made of 100% wholegrain

Rs.189 Rs.195

Chocolate Crunchy Minis

Why are we making Chocolate Crunchy Minis?

If you have loved our Protein Crunchy Minis, this new launch is going to be your next favourite snack! Richness of dark chocolate blended with oats flour & crunchy seeds, sweetened with honey & jaggery gives you the perfect chocolatey snack.

From a work desk companion to an outdoor hiking partner, these protein-rich minis are easy to carry, on the go energy boosters.

Rs.119 Rs.149

Chocolate Pancake Mix

Why are we making Pancake Mix?

Pancakes are becoming everybody's favorite these days for breakfast. We tend to cook pancakes in various ways with the most frequently used ingredient, Chocolate!

So we thought of making it easier and healthier for you by adding 100% Natural Chocolate to our Pancake Mix!

Rs.185 Rs.195

Chocolate Muesli - Nuts and Berries

Why are we making Chocolate Muesli - Nuts and Berries?

We all loved Chocolate Granola, Pancakes & Oatmeal & now its time to enjoy a fibre rich bowl of Muesli with your favorite seeds & nuts! Start your mornings with delicious - protein rich bowl.

Rs.142 Rs.149

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

True Elements Dark Chocolate Oatmeal is here to make your mornings healthy and delicious. Oatmeal being a storehouse of dietary fiber, protein & vitamins, provides you with ample energy to get through your day whereas the Chocolate in this oatmeal assures a good mood and happy endorphins.


The Chocolate Combo (Baked Granola Almonds and Dark Cho

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who is a chocoholic? We got you! True Elements Chocolate Combo contains the best chocolatey yet healthy goodies that will satiate your loved one’s sweet tooth without the guilt. Made of rich dark chocolate flavour, these chocoholic treats are packed with nutrients to improve overall health. 

Rs.706 Rs.785
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