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Effective in PCOS

Effective in PCOS

PCOS is a health condition that causes hormonal imbalance and is experienced by 1 out of 10 women. Insulin and Weight Management play a significant role in this condition and thus a cleaner diet is said to help reduce the impact of PCOS. Consuming foods that help the body reach its nutrition levels, maintain a healthy weight and control insulin levels is very effective. These products are high in nutrition and fibre with no compromise in taste and flavour.

8% Off
8% Off

Roasted Antioxidant Mix Seeds - Boost Immunity

Rs.145 Rs.149 Upto 8% Off

14% Off
Upto 14% Off

Raw Honey - Unheated And Unprocessed

Rs.264 Rs.300 Upto 14% Off

17% Off
Upto 17% Off

Whole Oatmeal with Chia & Fruits - Vitamin Rich

Rs.99 Upto 17% Off

11% Off
Upto 11% Off

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Zinc Rich

Rs.145 Rs.149 Upto 11% Off

8% Off
Upto 8% Off

Roasted Flax Seeds - Omega 3 fats Rich

Rs.114 Rs.120 Upto 8% Off

12% Off
Upto 12% Off

Roasted Sunflower Seeds - Vitamin E Rich

Rs.140 Rs.149 Upto 12% Off

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