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Midnight Hunger Buster Combo

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    MRP: Rs.595
  • Kanda Poha is packed with 8.5g Dietary Fibre (Per 100gm).
  • Consists of 14.5g plant-protein (Per 100gm).
  • Multigrain Dalia is Made with Bajra & Jowar Flakes and Rolled Oats.
  • Oats Kanji Contains 11g Protein per 100g & Has 9g Dietary Fibre.
  • Energy boosting, fiber rich pack of meals which keeps you full for a long time.
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Why Midnight Hunger Buster Combo is better than the rest?

Are you someone who gets all hungry at midnight? We all know the struggle to find something in our kitchen which can instantly fill our stomach but without compromising on taste. But we eventually end up eating junk leading to feeling bloated in the morning.

We brought together High Fiber & ready to cook meals which you can cook in minutes & solve your Midnight Hunger Buster!

True Elements Masala Rolled Oats:

True Elements Masala Rolled Oats gives you the taste of Kanda Poha and the goodness of Oats. Packed with abundant dietary fiber and plant-protein, a steaming bowl of Masala Oats will give you the much needed energy at midnight. All you need is water to make this quick and easy poha, it's that simple!

True Elements Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala:

Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala can be your next go-to meal if you are a Poha lover! Dalia is also known as broken wheat or samba rava and in India it is used in recipes like Khichdi and upma. Our Multigrain Dalia are low in carbs due to the presence of whole grain Jowar flakes. So its just your traditional Poha or masala rice but with a healthy edge of wholegrain and Indorian Spices!

True Elements Multigrain Oats Congee:

Congee is a dish or a meal derived from the southern parts of India. It is basically consumed in replacement to rice, in the form of a porridge or gruel. When it is consumed as a plain dish without any toppings or flavours, it is served as a side dish. Whereas when consumed with certain seasonings, toppings, this can become a complete, nutritious meal for yourself. True Elements Oats Congee is prepared from 100% wholegrain Instant Oats.

It is enhanced with Real Veggie delight to give your taste buds a flavourful indulgence to any of your meals. The veggies used in our congee are dehydrated using a new technology wherein there is no loss of nutrients. Traditional dehydration causes burning or the veggies or extreme loss of nutrients, but with True Elements Oats Congee, you can get to experience this delicious dish with all nutrients and flavour of the spices and veggies intact.

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