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Healthy Foods for Baby Growth During Pregnancy

  • Healthy Foods for Baby Growth During Pregnancy

Healthy Diet is not only necessary for losing weight or boosting gym performance, but it is also considered as an important aspect of pregnancy. The human body goes through a lot of minor changes during pregnancy and hence it is necessary for the pregnant woman to have a healthy diet, which helps in the brain development of the foetus. The foetus’s body structure starts forming approximately three weeks after conception and the foods you eat during Pregnancy plays a vital role in this development. The brain of the foetus also undergoes a rapid change in the 24th and 42nd week of pregnancy. A wide range of nutrients is advised to be incorporated into your diet for the growth of the baby.

Some of these Foods during Pregnancy which stands out as nutritional superstars are as follows:


Like other fishes, Sardines are highly rich in DHA which helps in the development of the central nervous system of the brain. They are also a rich source of vitamin D which is a must for the pregnant women. It is advisory for pregnant women to consume 2 portions of fish at least, for a week.


Lentils are the richest source of iron which is necessary to produce certain chemicals in the body. Less amount of iron can cause impaired mental development and obstruct the growth of the foetus. Hence it is compulsory to consume 14.8 mg of iron during pregnancy. Combine lentils with foods rich in vitamin C like tomatoes, cabbage etc and prepare a soup out of it.


Spinach is a rich source of B vitamins, especially folate. Folate is responsible for the cell metabolism and to produce new DNA in the body. It also aids in protecting the brain from damage. It is often recommended to include 400 mcg of spinach per day. Add spinach to boiled vegetables to gain more nutritional benefits.


Oats are filled with fibre, protein and vitamin B6. Pregnant mothers often go through morning sickness and their energy levels drop off in such situations. To avoid this, it is recommended to consume whole grains which boosts the energy level in them. Fibre also helps with dealing with constipation problems. Being a rich source of vitamin B6, oatmeal is known to benefit the development of the foetus.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes consist of beta-carotene which gets converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for strengthening the cells and tissues of the baby. Hence it is recommended to consume a medium-sized sweet potato twice a week. Bake them for about 30 minutes and apply butter to it. Consume it along with the skin so that there is no loss of nutrients in peeling the skin.


Eggs are rich in both protein and iron. Both these constituents are necessary for the development of bones of the foetus. They are considered as one of the superfoods because of the high content of choline which helps in the development of the brain and a lifelong ability to learn. Add 1-2 half boiled eggs to salads and garnish it with roasted seeds to make it a crunchy meal.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are jammed with essential minerals and amino acids. It is a rich source of zinc which is responsible for building the structure of the brain and helps in processing information by activating certain areas around the brain. Add these seeds to your snack schedule or blend it along with leafy veggies to prepare a pesto sauce for pasta.

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